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How to fixed SD car...

How to fixed SD card not reading on PC or phone  


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07/02/2020 11:39 am  

Sometimes, my SD card not reading when I connected it to my PC. So are there any efficient solutions to solve this problem?

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14/02/2020 6:09 am  

I had the same problem before, my SD card not reading correctly, and the data lost. Maybe your card is inflected by a virus. Try the following steps:
Open Run dialogue by pressing “Windows” + “R” at the same time.
Open Disk Management by inputting "diskmgmt.msc."
Find the SD card, right-click the partition on it, then select"Change Drive Letter and Path…".
Assign the drive letter of your SD card by clicking "Add" in the pop-up window.
If it doesn' t work, the data in your SD card may lose.
Luckily, I solved it by using Bitwar. Maybe you can try it.



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