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Can I clone a 1TB d...

Can I clone a 1TB drive to a 500 gig drive?  


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21/02/2020 9:44 am  

I updated my 10-yr old laptop a couple of years ago to a 1TB SSD (I'm only using about 150G). I want to get a new laptop and get one with a 256G drive. I'd like to swap drives.

I've cloned drives before but it seems that you can only clone from a smaller drive to a bigger drive. Can I do it the other way?

Here's what I am thinking:
Drive A is the "old" 1TB SSD
Drive B is the new 256G SSD
Drive C is the 1TB transfer drive.

1. Clone Drive A to the Drive C, the transfer drive
2. Clone Drive B to Drive A
3. Clone Drive C to Drive B

Step 3 is the tricky part as I'll be cloning a 1TB drive to a 256 drive. Is there a way to do it? How about if I make a partition of less than 256, will that fake the software out?

Please help me with a way I can accomplish this.