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GPU is working but ...

GPU is working but screen is black and freeze  


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07/02/2020 11:04 am  

Suddenly screen became black. I shut down pc and it still the same. I thought it is about Windows(?). I scanned disk and format. I opened in safe mood. I removed the rams, reset the bios but it didn’t help. I thought it is hardware and i attached the video card to second PCI slot. It opened. (It opened after format but, when i install video driver, it became black screen again interestingly.)Both of slots are the same condition. I am thinking it is about motherboard but i am doubtful. Video card defect must be the problem too. Now, the problem is from PCI slots or my video card? How can i test PCl slots? How can i learn video card is defected or not? I have not another video card or motherboard. GPU-z shows me that video card is attached and system information too. Video card is working but it doesn’t display.

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14/02/2020 6:04 am  

I tried Linux and the result is the same. The screen was glitch and freeze. I'm using my pc now onboard.