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Whatsapp Web through mobile internet modem  


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02/02/2020 10:31 am  

I recently got a mobile 4G Modem as my fundamental internet connection because of moving to a progressively country region. The internet coverage is extraordinary, everything works.

Be that as it may. The modem neglects to run Whatsapp web when both - PC and telephone are associated with it. When invigorating the web page on the PC, it says "Attempting to achieve the telephone. Ensure your telephone has a functioning internet connection."

At the point when the main PC is associated with the modem, however, the telephone is utilizing its very own information - everything works faultlessly.

The supplier doesn't perceive any issues on their end.

All in all, has anybody had a similar issue? Are there any proposals to attempt?

Obviously, I have attempted to restart every one of my devices.