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Macbook 2,1 Built In Sound Stopped Working after Snow Leopard  


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04/02/2020 12:40 pm  

I have a MacBook 2,1, the white one. Has anyone else had their regular built-in sound just stop working right after upgrading to snow leopard? I can get the sound to play through headphones, but once I up plug them the little sound icon in the menu bar will grey out and I will not be able to get the sound to play through the internal speakers.

If I go to the Sys Pref > Sound > Output Pane, it will say "The selected device has no output controls" in the Settings for Selected Device section.

Any help would be great!!! I upgraded my friend's laptop to Snow Leopard even though she could care less. Now she's all mad cause the sound doesn't work.


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14/02/2020 5:45 am  

I have a MacBook1,1 - with the exact same problem. Works fine with headphones, I get startup chime, but shortly after finder loads the sound icon is suddenly and inexplicably going grey until I use headphones. Clearly there's nothing wrong with my sound card - and I didn't have any trouble until upgrading to 10.6.1