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New to Mac need you...

New to Mac need your help I’m stuck on a iCloud login.??  


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09/02/2020 12:20 pm  

Hello everyone,,
I tried searching for my error on the web. Realized its call the common iCloud login loop. But as common as others called it, the tactics to overcome it didn’t seem as common practice to me. I’m sure my iCloud account is perfectly fine as I have no problems on my iOS device. Since I got my MacBook I’ve changed my email address for my iCloud account from A yahoo domanin to a new @icloud address. No problems there. I’ve also changed my password as I thought maybe that will work. The articles online told me to sign off iCloud on every facet that uses it on your MacBook from FaceTime to messages to iTunes. I did that but still can’t login in. I’m not getting a message that says your info is incorrect but typing in the correct password I just get a reappearing loop asking me to retype my password as it’s being rejected with a screen shake. I even went into my keychains and deleted anything that said ICloud then restarted. I don’t have anything sensitive or important at all on my new MacBook. Can I just reset my hard drive to factory settings and try signing in then? And if that is recommend how do I reset my MacBook to factory settings?