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VLC won't work in n...

VLC won't work in new Mohave 10.14.5  


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09/02/2020 11:40 am  

I've been a user of VLC for years, even from PC days. I've used it on my iMac until the recent upgrade to Mohave 10.14.5. Now, it simply won't work. I load it on, put a file to play and it plays one note and them stops. It appears that I have several versions and I'm wondering if I should delete them and start over. I went to VLC's site and it was really complicated. I tried to sign on but was told my email was already in use. I think I joined years ago. But, they wouldn't let me update it. So, as always, I come here to advice, always helpful. I don't like to use iTunes, and am glad it is leaving soon. VLC is great when it works. Thanks, peggy