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What can I do to st...

What can I do to stop these cell phone robocalls now?  


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16/02/2020 5:26 am  

I have read everything online about efforts to take to reduce robo calls to my cell phone. Despite using all recommendations, enrolling the number on the do not call list, and also utilizing the ATT Call Protect app powered by Hiya, these annoying calls are becoming alarmingly more frequent. I know there are apps that will block all numbers with no caller ID or that are not listed in my directory. But I hesitate to use them as I have noticed that some businesses and health care providers do not use caller ID and often use a number that is not in my directory. Many apps I've researched are ones that provide reverse number lookup. But that isn't what I want. I want one that immediately blocks at least 70% of robo calls and that is updated frequently. Is there an app for iPhones that will really work -- at least catching 70% or more of these calls? Or do I just need to block all callers with no caller ID and take my chances I don't block an important call? Thank you!

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