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Thinking about getting a phone just to use as an MP3 player  


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08/02/2020 10:09 am  

A while back, my 32GB Creative Zen MP3 player started to freeze a lot, even after resetting. So, for all intents and purposes, I've declared it dead.

Unfortunately, 32GB Zens are hard to find, and they can be expensive.

So what I'm thinking of doing is getting a phone just to use as an MP3 player. I already have a "regular" smartphone that I use as my phone, with the data plan and the internet access and all that good stuff. But I have a lot of music and audio, and I don't want to use up space in the phone, or have to deal with switching micro SD cards when I want to listen to music. Hence my reason for thinking about getting a phone to use as an MP3 player substitute.

Here's my question for you: is it possible to get a smartphone without having to sign a contract or get a plan, or anything like that? I'm thinking used/second hand/refurbished, and It obviously doesn't have to be the latest model. Just something I can use for music.

I have other questions about features and such, but first things first - is this something that can be done?


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15/02/2020 6:20 am  

you can even use a brand new phone without phone service. in fact if you have skype, google voice or whatever, you can even make phone calls on it using wifi.



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