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Vizio M658-G1 basic picture settings  


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09/02/2020 11:05 am  

Vizio M658-G1

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Calibration report using these settings:
[see below]

TV software/firmware version tested:

CNET is no longer publishing detailed while balance or color management system (CMS) settings. Instead, we'll give more general recommendations to get the best picture with more basic settings. Here they are for the Vizio M658-G1.

Dark room settings:
Picture mode: Calibrated Dark*
Auto Brightness Control: Off
Backlight: 50
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 45
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0

More Picture menu:
Color Temperature: Normal
Black Detail: Off
Local Dimming: Low
Clear Action: Off
Reduce Signal Noise: Off
Reduce Block Noise: Off
Game Low Latency: Off
Film Mode: On
Color Space: Auto
Gamma: 2.2

Calibration Notes: As usual Vizio's Calibrated Dark setting was best for my dim room, and Calibrated was highly accurate as well (albeit tuned for brighter rooms). Grayscale on both was less accurate than on many past Vizios, but still not bad.

The 2-point system was inadequate to perfect grayscale so I used the 11-point system. Unfortunately many of the settings were mislabeled so figuring out which one adjusted which light level was a bit of a chore, although eventually I figured it out. The end result was a slight improvement but still by no means. The CMS didn't need adjustment since all of the colors clocked in quite accurately.

In the past I've targeted a gamma of BT.1886 for SDR calibrations but this year I'm moving to using 2.2. Both have their advantages, but 2.2 generally results in more shadow detail, especially for side-by-side comparisons where the eye adjusts to the light of multiple TVs, creating in essence a brighter room. Vizio and many other TV makers also use 2.2 as the default even in their dark room picture settings.

HDR Notes: Again the Calibrated Dark mode delivered the best combination of light out and accuracy, and followed the EOTF slightly more closely than Calibrated, which was almost as bright. Vivid and Standard got slightly brighter but, as expected, were much less accurate. 

Thanks to quantum dots the M658 delivered nearly all of the P3 color gamut, a significant improvement over last year. Secondary color measurements were middling, including a relatively poor showing on CalMan's new HDR color match sequence. As usual with Vizio I had to manually set the input to best deal with 4K HDR sources (Settings > Input Settings > [choose HDMI input] > Full UHD Color: On), and I measured only HDR10, not Dolby Vision.