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What e-reader would...

What e-reader would you recommend for kids?  


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09/02/2020 11:43 am  

What e-reader would you recommend for kids?

I was looking online for a PBS show on the Lipizzaner horses, and like always, it led me on another search. (Am I unique?) Somehow that led me to Marguerite Henry's book on the breed. Which led me to thinking of e-readers for my 7- & 8-year-old nephews.

I loved reading as a child and my relatives would encourage that love, so I want to pass it on to the boys. So what reader would be appropriate for two active boys?

I have an iPad that I love for iBooks and the ePub files format. My dad has a Kindle Fire that he likes. I am a firm believer of having electronics do "multiple use" functions. But when I think of the boys I want them to use it for reading, not games. I remember how colorful children's books were when I was a child. How I love the drawings, and would thumb to them first.

I guess I am asking: Is there a good, sturdily built e-reader that is in color that active boys might enjoy and not break easily. They do love video games, but I DO NOT need another way for them to play games. (My budget) is under $100.00, and closer to $50 so if it is broken I won't regret the purchase if it is broken. I have a niece and nephew in their 20s and remember lessons taught. I still want to be able to afford to buy books for them also.

I think I have heard that some e-readers allow sharing of books. That would be wonderful. I know at one time public library's were sharing e-books so I will have to research that to see what file type is used. I don't borrow only because I am a hoarder of books and like to keep them. I hate reading a book and not being able to find it again when I want to reread it. Thanks!