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Resetting Windows 10 PC  


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03/02/2020 9:51 am  

It seems no matter what, after five to six years of working on a system, my computer performance eventually begins to drop to a crawl. When it gets to the point where junk cleanup, registry sweeps, defrag, boot optimization and virus scans are no longer helping, I will usually take a clean HDD and reinstall the current OS and then reinstall all my files and programs. This works and I am usually good for another few years. But it is a lengthy process.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a better way to do a complete spring cleaning to a computer without doing what amounts to a factory restore?
Just in case it helps, here are the specifics on the one machine that is giving me issues:
Dell Precision 5810 - x64-based PC
BIOS: Dell Inc. A09, 9/26/2015 v2.8
RAM: 32gb
1Tb HDD System Drive (Migrating to 1TB SSD)
Windows 10 - Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

I appreciate any suggestions and welcome any questions.

Joseph smith
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13/02/2020 5:32 am  

Because HDDs have an issue where the more you fill them the slower they go. Today that means a lot of lag as the HDD is essentially the anchor your boat is dragging.

I'd clone the drive before considering a full reset.



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