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PC is not starting ...

PC is not starting properly  


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20/02/2020 10:34 am  

Hi! So my (honestly quite old) Computer started acting up in the last days. I already googled a lot and tried some easy fixes that did not help. Thus I am reaching out to you in hope that you have encountered a similar situation before or are better in diagnosing as I am. So here's the details:

Three days ago, my PC switched off after booting successfully while I was outside of the room. It kept doing so: booting until I was already in windows and then switching off without a warning. I was, however, able to boot it up in a secure mode and reset the PC to an OS-version (Windows 7 x86) from some days ago (thus skipping an update). This solved the issue and I was able to use it as usual for the next two days.
Today it had the same issue again but it would even switch off when booted in a secure mode. It got worse to the point where it now just starts powering everything up for 5 or so seconds before losing power again. I did google research and tried dusted everything off, bypassed the power switch and checked whether every connection inside the PC is plugged in properly.

My hardware knowledge is quite limited and that is why I am reaching out to you now. What might most likely be the issue?