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Flashlight App For Android/iPhone

Here I will explain about Flashlight App For Android free download. Flashlight app are a dying breed. Google began adding them to Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have been including them on their OEM skins for far longer. Here See also about Flashlight App for iphone. we have not forgotten about those of you out there who prefer having a third party app or have devices  too old to have its own flashlight app. below, we have a list of flashlight app that have the bare minimum permissions that should work perfectly for you. Here are the best flashlight app for Android!

The need for this dwindles as the market share for newer versions of Android receive higher proliferation.

Download: Flashlight App For Android free Download

Flashlight App For Android                            

Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight App is first up and that’s probably a good thing because it has a lot of features. It has the standard lowest-permissions-needed and the standard ability to turn on your LED flash on the back of your phone. There are also a number of features available to make your device screen into a flashlight of various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. It does contain advertising but doesn’t contain the permissions necessary to transmit any of your personal data so that’s always a plus.

Flashlight app for android free download > Color Flashlight App

Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

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One of two apps on the list aptly named “Flashlight App”, this one is done by Mobile Apps Inc. It has a decent looking interface, a built in SOS signal in case you need it along with a slider to strobe in other patterns. The app also comes with a compass if you’re out in the wilderness and need a flashlight and a compass simultaneously.

Flashlight app for android free download > Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

Flashlight by SimGears

The second app called “Flashlight App” is by SimGears. This app includes a total of four widgets that you can place on your home screen and lock screen for easy flashlight access. There is also built-in functionality where the flashlight App  recognizes that the phone has gone into your pocket and automatically turns off the flashlight to save battery and time. Flashlight App also stays on even after you lock the screen. It does have ads but they can be disabled in the app settings if you don’t want them there.

Flashlight app for android free download > Flashlight by SimGears

Brightest Flashlight App (Free)

The so-called “Brightest Flashlight” app certainly does live up to its name. To reach peak illumination, the app activates everything that blinks, flashes, and glows on your device at once. The app turns on your phone’s camera flash, keyboard backlighting, soft keys, and notification LED at max brightness. This is all at the expense of your battery life, of course.

Download: Flashlight App > Brightest Flashlight App (Free)

Flashlight App For Iphone             

The Flashlight App in your iPhone, it always gives brightness when to be essential. You can use it either to remove darkness or to use for nighttime photography and for video shooting. Tech giant Apple does not offer any additional facilities to run a LED flashlight on iPhone, iPad. So inherently, you’re exploring for best flashlight apps for iPhone – IOS 10, iOS 9/ iOS 8 devices.

In addition, if your iPhone flashlight App button not working or control center won’t work then you should try these alternative best flashlight apps for iPhone. Similarly, all apps are giving enough supports on running iOS 9 iPad and iPod Touch. If you have 3D touch iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S +. Then you can also try these worth free Led flashlight Alert notifications apps on it.

Flashlight App (Free)>Flashlight App For iPhone

Loaded with mostly utilitarian accessories, Flashlight App is the real Swiss army knife of this list. The compass feature makes the Flashlight app a wonderful hiking companion if your main headlamp or flashlight fails on the trail.

However, the altitude tracker is sure to really entice the niche alpinist. The strobe mode is also adjustable, making the Flashlight app ideal for flagging down help in an emergency, or if a bike light goes out mid-trip.

There’s also a Disco Mode that utilizes — yep, you guessed it — an animated disco ball for your next low-budget house party. Similarly, the animated lighter and candle features are perfect for those looking to be “that guy” at the concert. The built-in Live Map options even allows you to see other people using the app worldwide, although don’t be surprised if you’re the only one.

Flashlight app for iPhone

Best Flash light App For iphone

The Best Flash Light! — Although grammatically incorrect — is loaded with convenient features. Beyond basic functions, such as an adjustable strobe light and instant-on feature, the app incorporates a “clap-on, clap-off” feature that allows for instantaneous, hands-free illumination. There’s also a light timer and an energy-saver mode, along with a Light + Video Zoom feature that lets you view small font or check a map in low-light scenarios.

Flash light App For Iphone


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