Essential Tips to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers


Instagram is a popular platform for both businesses and people. However, there is stiff rivalry, and established accounts receive more attention than newbies. If you’re just starting out, you won’t have much credibility, and your postings may go unnoticed, much alone get a lot of followers.

This post is perfect for you if you are looking for ways to improve the number of your free Instagram followers. Even though there are a lot of tactics that can help you achieve this, we only bring you the important ones. Now let’s dive right in.

Create an Eye-Catching Bio

In the event that someone visits your profile, your bio is the first thing they’ll see, so make it count! A strong first impression of your potential and the existing audience is important, so make the most of it. If you want to grow your Instagram following, it’s critical that your bio is captivating.

With the basics like your contact information and a link to your website taken care of, you must also convey the story of your company in a lighthearted manner. Standing out by just saying what kind of company you operate is insufficient on its own. You must offer your customers a cause to interact with and follow your brand.

A good example of an Instagram bio is provided by Yeti, a company that makes outdoor gear. You can see it in the picture below.

Regularly Publish on Instagram

Aim to publish once every three to four hours, or more often if possible. Instead of mass posting a lot of pictures all at once, consider it spam and people will unfollow you as a result. Consider it as though you were planting seeds. Spread your seeds out rather than stuffing them all into a hole at once.

Consistency is what you’re aiming for. Unless your audience knows they can count on you to publish on a regular basis, they won’t be as eager to follow you if you just post once in a while instead of frequently.

You should also post on Sundays if you can help it. You may take advantage of the low activity on Instagram on Sundays to be ahead of the game and get your pictures seen by even more people.

Don’t Buy Fake Followers

However, paying fans is equivalent to purchasing bot accounts, which Instagram rapidly detects and eliminates. No matter what provider you buy Instagram followers from, there’s a big chance that you will get fake followers. Consequently, no matter how many followers you get at the time of purchase, you can be certain that the number will decrease with time.

Please keep in mind that the number of followers and likes is not the most important statistic to get obsessed with. Concentrate on those that provide a more accurate picture of how engaged and interested your followers are with your account and postings.

Make Use of Useful Hashtags

Spend some time looking for relevant hashtags for your industry. Also, be certain to be as detailed as possible while describing them. Make sure your hashtags aren’t too general or just “kind of” related, since this may harm your account. On those hashtags alone, there are 50 million pictures! Picture frames filled with images of bars and taverns, as well as pictures of Bondi Beach, Knowles, and Cheesecake.

Because the individuals who use this hashtag have such a wide range of interests, it’s almost impossible to target them with your content. Maybe they’re using the hashtag to locate a bar so they can have a drink.

To determine how popular your picture is, the algorithm compares the number of people who viewed it to the number of people who loved it. This algorithm determines whether your picture is a good one based on how many people view it with the hashtag, but none of them do. Because of this, having 1000 people view your picture on a tiny, focused hashtag and having a high proportion of them like it is preferable to having your photo seen by 10,000 people but receiving just a small number of likes.

Get Involved in Your Community

Explore relevant hashtags and places outside of your own feed to make new connections. Show your support for other people’s posts by leaving likes and comments. Stay within your limits and be true to yourself. Being honest while engaging in conversations on Instagram may help you gain authority and reputation.

Involving your online community is a great way to get your name out there. Leave a lasting impression on relevant Instagram photos if you want to grow your following organically, as well as the free Instagram likes. If you’re commenting on the same post as someone else, your name and remark will be visible to them.

Consider responding to comments and interacting with the people that follow you as well. Comment on their posts and give them a like and a reply! This is something they will like doing since it connects them to your community and helps them feel included. More comments and interactions will elevate your profile to the top of people’s newsfeeds, which is a nice benefit.


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