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Err_cache_miss: How to fix err_cache_miss in Google chrome

Since Google Chrome is one of the most utilized web browsers over the world, it is sure that many individuals would have confronted a few issues with the program too. One such issue that is under talk in this article is the ERR_CACHE_MISS error. This message generally appears on the screen when we ask to re-enter a few data or when the browser does not reach the web address. It will abruptly show up, alongside a white error page and a primary error message: Confirm Form Resubmission, and a sub error message: Err_Cache_Miss. There are numerous causes that can make this issue.

In this guide, we will tell you what this error is and why it occurs on your Google Chrome browser, including a couple of useful methods you ought to follow to resolve it.

What is err_cache_miss error?

As its name recommends this error is caused because of caches. So, when Google Chrome browser has a few issues with the caching system. At the point when the cache system of a specific website or any web page-based application faces any wrong codes then this error happens.

The primary reasons of the err_cache-miss are: when Google Chrome does not get the cache records from the website when the codes of the locales aren’t right, and different reasons could be corrupted extensions, bugs, or improper browser setting.

Methods to fix err_cache_miss error

There are a few methods to fix the issue of err_cache_miss in Google Chrome. There are a few circumstances where you can be stuck by err_cache_miss and get Confirm Form Resubmission. You can get this error while accessing a few sites while accessing your own site or you may confront err_cache_miss while utilizing Google Chrome Development Tool.

Method 1: Fix err_cache_miss error using developmental tool

Having err_cache_miss error is common because of the bugs if you are using the developmental tool in Google chrome. Whereas sometimes updating the latest version of the browser can solve the error. But if you are already using the latest version then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Disable Cache system

Have a go at disabling caching system while using the development tool. It can comprehend this error. To disable the caching system, press Control + Shift + I with F1 and choose to disable cache. Presently simply reload the page by pressing Control + F5.

err_cache_miss, Confirm Form Resubmission, Google chrome browser

Step 2: Remove Unnecessary Plug-ins

Some plug-ins cause this type of error as they may carry bugs. So, try removing plugins and see which plugin is causing the error.

Method 2: Fix err_cache_miss error accessing websites

While accessing any specific websites, when you face this kind of error, then try these troubleshooting process to fix err_cache_miss message.

Step 1: Clear browsing data

First, attempt to clear Google Chrome browsing data. Sometimes corrupted data files, for example, cookies and data files are stored in the browser and can cause this error. So, removing this unnecessary data from Google Chrome may solve the issue of err_cache_miss. You may likewise reset Google Chrome to default and it can take care of the issue.

To reset Chrome, paste this link in the address bar and then select “Reset” option.

Step 2: Uninstall Toolbar and other spam or adware program

To fix err_cache_miss, you may likewise try uninstalling toolbars or adware from the PC accordingly programs can be the potential cause of the error.

Method 3: Fix err_cache_miss using while accessing your own website

When you face this error while visiting your own site then, it doesn’t know this is being caused because of wrong codes. The issue can likewise be caused due to an error in Google Chrome. So first, attempt the above methods if you would prefer not to make changes to your website. If you are using WordPress, you have to disable caching plug-ins to check whether they are the main driver of the issue err_cache_miss.

You can likewise remove analytics code like Google Analytics as sometimes they can likewise cause such error.

Method 4: Reset Network using Command Window

If the err_cache_miss error is caused by the issue with your network then, attempt this strategy. By command window, you could change the settings of your network to default and fix the error. Follow the steps given below:

err_cache_miss, Confirm Form Resubmission, Google chrome browser
  • By typing cmd in the Run window open the command window.
  • Run the Command windows as Administrator.
  • Now type the commands given below one after one:
  • Ipconfig/release
  • Ipconfig/all
  • Ipconfig/flushdns
  • Ipconfig/renew
  • Netsh int ip set dns
  • Netsh winsock reset

Now restart your system and you will find this error no more.

Method 5: Try Reloading the page

This is the most well-known and you should attempt it first before trying the methods given above. Reloading the page may remove the err_cache_miss message from the screen. Try reloading the page a few times. As sometimes network issues, for example, lose internet connectivity, network fluctuations while loading the pages.

err_cache_miss, Confirm Form Resubmission, Google chrome browser

To reload the web-page, press the F5 or tap the reload option before address bar. If this illuminates the error then there is no issue with your PC or browser. If still, you are getting this error then there isn’t issue with your network connection.


The above methods solve the err_cache_miss error in your Google chrome. Hope you like the article and if you have any query, then please let us know in the comment section.

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