PC Gamers Are Really Angry About The New ‘Batman’ Game

PC Gamers Are Really Angry About The New ‘Batman’ Game

Another Batman game on PC, another disaster.

At least, that’s what Steam users are reporting about Telltale’s first episode in its new Batman episodic game. The last major Batman game to release on PC was Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight, which is now quite literally the definition of the word “disaster” in the dictionary.

No kidding. Go look it up.

In any case, Steam users are reporting all sorts of problems with the new Batman, which is depressing. I won’t go into terrible detail quoting random, upset gamers. Suffice to say, if you visit the Steam page you’ll see that the game is currently boasting a “Mixed” rating—up from a “Very Negative” rating earlier today—with lots of people complaining about bugs, lag, problems setting frame-rate and UI issues.

I will say this: I fired up my copy of the game and experienced absolutely none of those issues. I’m running Windows 10 with a GTX 970 graphics card and an i7-6700k Intel CPU, so it’s not top-of-the-line but it’s none too shabby a rig, either. Everything was fine. There are some strange decisions when it comes to simply navigating menus, to be sure, but I had no problem changing resolution or making the game go into full screen or anything like that.


I haven’t played through the episode all the way yet (tomorrow!) but so far I’m not seeing any bugs or frame-rate issues, either.

I guess this is, as one Steam user put it, a coin toss. Maybe it depends on your specific computer. Maybe it’s something else entirely—the invisible hand, God, piss-poor luck—and hopefully Telltale comes out with some fixes. At this point, it’s a shame to see yet another of the developer’s games plagued with issues on PC. By now you’d think that the studio—however small—would have this figured out.

Then again, as I said, I’m not having any problems. Just goes to show how tricky PC development can be sometimes, at least compared to consoles.

I’ll report back later with my impressions of Episode 1. For now, I’m just happy that for me at least, this doesn’t seem to be a repeat of Arkham Knight.

If you’re having issues with the Steam version of the game, get a refund. After all, you can still play it on iOS, Android, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Actually, come to think of it, maybe that’s too many platforms for one small studio to tackle. Maybe we can trace some of the issues with this game (and others from the developer) to developing across too many different pieces of hardware. Isn’t it time to put the PS3 and Xbox 360 out to pasture, at the very least?



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