Bigg Boss 10, 11th December 2016 written update: Priyanka Jagga gets evicted from the house, stays in secret room

Bigg Boss 10, 11th December 2016 written update: Priyanka Jagga gets evicted from the house, stays in secret room

Salman Khan opens the Bigg Boss ‘comedy Ka Vaar’ with an amazing performance. Salman, then welcomes Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh on the show.

They take a dig at contestants by cracking jokes on them. The regular thappad game takes place in the next segment. Swami Om is called inside the activity room to sit on the chair.

He gets the Maximum slaps. Almost all the questions regarding him are the ones taking a dig at him. The questions range from Swami lying all the time to faking his tears. And a contestant gives answers in affirmation.

Then Bani sits on the chair, and get a couple of slap from the mechanical hand. Contestants collectively agree that she is just not insecure of Lopamudra Raut, apart from for Rohan Mehra.

Salman asks Rohan why he thinks that Bani is insecure of Lopa. He says that she complains about Lopa even when she is not at fault. Contestants additionally unanimously agree that Bani J is impolite to everybody within the house.

Krushna, Sudesh and Aditi, she cast of Comedy Nights Bachao come and imitate Swami, Bani and Mona. Salman and contestants have a good laugh over their hilarious jokes.

Hina Khan and Bani’s friends are called on the show. Salman asks Hina about Rohan’s real self and about Lopa backing Rohan.

Hina says that Rohan is playing quite well but she didn’t like the instance when Priyanka spite on his face. Anita and Mubeen also enter the show for delivering some laughs.

Salman enters the house through TV. Bharti makes an entry on the sets as Bigg Boss eye. Aamir Mentalist enters the show.

He is famous for reading the minds of people. Krushna and Bharti enter again for playing tricks with him. He performs some tricks and stunts with Salman Khan.

Salman announces that Aamir will go inside the house and will show his special tricks through which he will will evict one contestant.

As Aamir enters the house everyone thinks that he is wild card entry. He starts showing his tricks to the contestants and at last takes the name of Priyanka as the contestants who is evicted.

Priyanka leaves the house and doesn’t talk to anyone as the feels disappointed. Priyanka is sent to the secret room and is not evicted from the house.

Swami Om cries and says that his daughter will return to house. He request Bigg Boss to send Priyanka back. Lopa is happy that Priyanka is no more in the house as she says that she is happy after her elimination.

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