Efficient Esports Betting: How to Pick the Right Strategy


Betting on esports is a real challenge. If you play your cards right, you can achieve success though.

Whether you are a beginner or a high-roller, you can try your luck in progamestars. You can place big and small bets on a wide range of esports events. Is there anything to be done to boost your productivity? Yes. A smart strategy will help you act accurately.

Focus on Your Esports Betting Budget

Betting is all about fun and earning money. While fun is guaranteed automatically, earning money requires time and effort. Before you earn something, you may have to lose once, twice, or even thrice.

To keep your betting expenses under control, it is crucial to make up a betting budget to stick to. How much do you invest? How much can you afford to lose? How much do you need to win to make a profit? All these nuances must be considered while creating your daily, weekly, and/or monthly budget.

To make betting efficient, you should record your spendings and winnings. This will let you estimate whether your performance within a specific period of time has been profitable or not.

Conduct Your Research

Whether you bet on traditional sports or esports, you always should do the research. It is important to make a more accurate prediction. What is an upcoming event? Which teams do take part in it? What is the recent statistics of both teams? You basically need to collect as much as possible information to see the whole picture.

Betting without research doesn’t have a desired outcome. No matter which league you to bet on, you should know the situation around it.

Keep Emotions under Control

If you are a fan of esports, you should try your luck in esports betting. Once you start placing bets, you will experience ups and downs. At some point, emotions may start taking over you. You shouldn’t let this happen.

Emotions can ruin everything by making you act chaotically. Betting on a player or a team just because you don’t make any sense. Instead, you should do some research to make more reasonable predictions.

Be Careful with Tilting

Betting may touch your emotions easily. At this point, you should avoid titling as it will make your life more complicated. By losing control of your bets, you will start losing money badly. Then, you will try to get it back by placing new bets hectically.

Hitting a jackpot may also give you a false feeling of euphoria. Eventually, you will think that your luck will always be on your side, which isn’t the case.

If you experiencing tilting, you should take a break here and now. Leave your betting activities aside for a while. After having some rest, you will find yourself more productive in betting activities.

Shop Around

Before you buy something, you decide to shop around first. This is done to find better products at more affordable prices. The same approach works for esports betting as well. You don’t jump into the very first esports event and team that appears on your way. Instead, you check out all the options on the menu to pick the best one. For example, the line of an NFL game is (-3) on one sportsbook and (-4) on another one. The difference is hard to deny. So why should you lose the potentially bigger winning?

Develop a Single Team Esports Betting Strategy

After developing all the above strategies, it’s time to create the general concept of your betting activities. Conduct your research but make sure to narrow it to a specific event, team, or player. At this point, you don’t try to grasp all the available information at once.

An effective betting strategy will need you to focus on the specific aspect of betting. This will let you save some time for more productive research. For example, you can focus on the specific CS:GO team that takes part in PGL Major Antwerp. Make sure to follow the team for some time to assess its performance along with its strong and weak sides. Once you are done with research, you will need to spend some time looking at the closest opponents.

Remember that you don’t have to bet on that team all the time. If you see a matchup that doesn’t look good, skip it. If you lose a few bets on a particular team, don’t give up on it. Stick to the team for a while. You can make a solid profit in a long-term perspective.