Dimensions of Service Quality That You Should Look For In A Virtual Number Provider


Have you ever bought an online course? What made you click the buy button? We’re sure you have your own set of criteria by which you judge all your different options.

After all, every smart investor (whether for himself or a business) that everything you buy is an investment. Thus, if the purchase doesn’t yield enough value to justify the cost, it’s an unnecessary expense.

So this is the goal: maximize benefits and minimize costs. We believe that this principle should apply even when you buy phone numbers. 

There’s an extremely wrong misconception that all VoIP numbers are the same. But as you’ll learn if you get one from the wrong provider, this is not the case at all.

The only thing that matters for virtual numbers: service quality

But don’t get us wrong. Service quality isn’t as simple as you think it is. There are a lot of dimensions to service quality that you should look out for. Especially when the reliability of your business is potentially at stake, you want to subject every provider under strict scrutiny.

Here are what you should look out for:

  1.  Connection quality

Imagine being in the middle of an important business call, then suddenly, you can’t hear the person on the other end of the line. If you were the other person in that situation, how would you feel?

It’s within the realm of possibility that they wouldn’t think anything of it. But if they weren’t yet completely convinced about doing business with you, this might just tip the scales against you.

And even if they are initially convinced to go with you, constant call disruptions may have them rethink their position.

  1.  Customer service

Especially for small businesses who are just figuring things out, there must be someone to help if something goes wrong. Or when extensive support isn’t needed, point them to the right resources.

More importantly, they should respond ASAP. There’s a huge expectation of enterprises nowadays to be available 24/7. So if you’re relying mainly on toll-free virtual phone numbers to connect with your customers, you need to be able to resolve any communication issues.

  1.  Transparency

The last thing you want is for your business account to be credited thousands of dollars for charges you didn’t even know you incurred. And if you’re a startup working with extremely limited funds, this could even make or break your growth.

But regardless of the size of your enterprise, you should always demand transparency. If they’re unwilling to provide that, go to your next option.

  1.  Integrations

If you’re satisfied with a provider, it’s hard to let go. So it’s important that even when you don’t need them yet, they offer integrations you know you’ll need in the future.

But apart from preference, it’s also easier for you because you’ll never have to move your system to another provider.

  1.  Variety of VoIP number choices

You may need a number in this country someday, you may not. But isn’t it better to have that option open? Getting a VoIP phone number from a provider that offers limited options may limit your growth later on as well.

Virtual number: how can it help your business?

You might be asking this question because after all, it’s just a number that exists online instead of in a SIM card.

But because you can activate and use it to route to your personal number and through an app that acts as your virtual phone, you can access possibilities unreachable through a regular number:

  •  Borderless connectivity. Who you can call on the phone is not limited by your location.
  •  Reduced international call costs. You’re using a local number, so international call charges won’t apply.
  •  Improved privacy. Not just for you, but also for your employees. If you’re using it as an extension of your personal number, they won’t know the difference.

HotTelecom: your communication partner in business

You deserve the best. And no other provider can give it to you better than HotTelecom. With their 11 years in the industry, they have kept clients happy with their services.

Excellent and responsive customer support

And like a good partner, you know you can always rely on them for whatever you need. They’re responsive and helpful, letting you get back to your doing what you do best – earning money – right away.

Consistently reliable connection quality

Your connection doesn’t just have to be good. It also has to be consistent. This ensures that you can continue using their virtual phone number without any hassle.

In-demand integrations available

You can grow with HotTelecom. And as the demands from your business grow, you’re sure that HotTelecom will be there to support and propel your growth.

You can learn more on why they’re the best option for your business here: https://hottelecom.biz/.

Over 11,000 satisfied customers worldwide

You don’t get to stay in business that long without knowing what you’re doing. When you buy a phone number from HotTelecom, you’re not just buying a number. You’re buying security and satisfaction.

That’s why they’re the top choice for businesses of all sizes for their virtual number needs. After all, you can’t go wrong with an experienced and trusted provider in the industry.

So when you’re ready to take the leap, the support you get through their virtual numbers will get you and your enterprise to new heights.


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