Why more and more businesses are moving towards digitized document archiving?

There used to be a time when organizations followed some timelines like 5 years, 7 years or 10 years for retaining critical and vital documents. After the tenure, older documents were removed from the archive to make room for new documents. But now in the digital age when the concept of paperless office is the latest trend, document archiving has also undergone a sea change. Digital technology that is commonplace nowadays allows retaining documents for life without worrying about space. It has made the process of saving, storing and protecting critical and important documents very easy.

Today, there is no fear of losing documents because once you scan it for archiving; it should last forever unless you decide to discard it. Once digitized, the physical documents lose its importance and there is no reason for retaining it unless mandated by law. However, in order to protect the digitized documents from being lost as files might become corrupt it is important to keep back up of all digitized files so that recovery of documents in case of any eventuality does not become a problem.

Document archiving is good business

Preserving digital documents do not require any space because it all remains inside computers and is easy to retrieve. More and more businesses are adopting the concept of paperless office because digital documents add more speed to the workflow and do not require additional space and manpower for storage and retrieval. As the demand for document digitization is growing, companies like that specialize in document scanning and archiving are doing good business. The company handles the entire job of document archiving that consists of scanning documents and providing indexing solutions for enabling efficient storing and management of electronic documents.

Document scanning process

Once you hand over the original documents to the staff of the scanning company, they carry it to their secured facility and hand it over to trained persons who prepare the documents for scanning. In the next step, all documents undergo scanning by using high-speed scanners and the stage is now set for indexing according to your needs.  Finally, all documents are available in electronic format. To assist in workflow automation, the document storage company provides you with document management software to store and manage archived, digitized documents comfortably. After scanning, you can store the original documents off-site or even destroy it depending on your business policy and legal requirements.

Benefits of paperless office

  • Retaining all critical and important documents forever is the biggest benefit of digitizing documents that help to comply with statutory requirements quite easily.
  • Digitization especially helps to update records on time for documents that need a periodic update.  
  • Converting documents into digital formats help to improve the quality of the digitized versions of documents that are often very helpful for salvaging old documents that become fade and almost illegible.  

The biggest benefit is the peace of mind that you enjoy by knowing that all documents are at your fingertips without fearing the loss of any documents.

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