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You will be astonished to know that as soon as Microsoft announced that they had acquired Xamarin, the mobile app development turned towards the most popular development across the platform. You might be wondering that why Xamarin app development is the big thing for the mobile app development. So, let me tell you that if you are just a beginner in mobile app development, then Xamarin is just like that of another mobile platform. But for the top class of the mobile app developers, it is a completely new level of the app development platform. Thus, you can say that it is a good sign for the app developers. The best part of Xamarin is that it is capable enough to combine all the platforms like that of Android, iOS, Hybrid or windows and also the cross platform into a simple mobile application with the use of the same code.

Now let us understand what Xamarin actually is, it is nothing but a type of product, which actually works on the .NET and also on the C# in order to produce an original native Android as well as the iOS app that has the same functions. You will be amazed to know that it is a Microsoft owned code language which makes use of the cross implementation of the CLS, which is also known as the common language specification. To be more specific, it is types of shared code base, which helps in combing the entire platform into one single app. don’t you think that working on such a platform will be an amazing thing? Moreover, you must also know that Xamarin makes use of the C# code base for the development. Now you must not get confused about the code base, as with the use of code base some of the great developers develop the app and then share them on multiple platforms.

Importance of Xamarin

Let us assume a scenario where you have developed and launched an amazing android app. Then it has attracted lots of audience because of its amazing features, and it becomes a huge success. Now what will be your next move, will go develop the same app again for the iOS platform. This is the place where the Xamarin app development comes into play. Why start from the beginning again and waste your valuable time, rather you can make use of the shared codebase of Xamarin. The main advantage that you are going to get is that you will be able to develop across multiple platforms. Apart from all this, you can also provide some of the Microsoft owned products like that of the visual studio and NuGet. If you want, then you can also integrate the .NET portable class libraries for the coding.

There are many other merits in using Xamarin app development, and some of those are mentioned below.

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