CTF loader, What is CTF Loader, ctfmon.exe
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CTF loader: Fix the CTF Loader related errors

If you opened your task manager and found a procedure running called “CTF Loader” or “ctfmon.exe” and are pondering about what it may be, don’t stress — it’s typically innocuous. Despite the fact that CTF Loader is generally innocuous, it has been known to raise a ruckus and hinder frameworks occasionally.
Thus, if you’re sick of running into the procedure or errors identified with it, you’ll be glad to realize that there are a couple of approaches to disable it and to fix those errors.

What is CTF loader?

As I said above, that CTF loader is not a virus, it just sometimes because of some errors like slow down your PC, which can be solved easily. The “CTF” in CTF loader stands for “Collaborative Translation Framework”. CTF loader is responsible for handling and supporting handwriting and voice recognition on Microsoft programs. It usually runs in your task manager when you are using Microsoft Office. If CTF loader is not causing any troubles, then you should ignore it. But, if you think that it is hogging your computer’s resources, then you might need to take a look into it.

How to fix CTF Loader Errors

CTF Loader or ctfmon.exe is basic just when activating language bar in Microsoft office however some of the time it causes issues. It is situated at “C:\Windows\System32” in a windows system or in a subfolder of the client’s profile envelope or in an organizer of temporary records. When you think CTF Loader is causing errors or issues, you can follow any of the method given below to solve the issues of ctfmon.exe or CTF Loader.

Method 1: Disabling Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Services

The first method to fix the CTF loader problems is to disable the touch keyboards and handwriting services, which is very simple.

CTF loader, What is CTF Loader, ctfmon.exe
  • First, go to the start menu and type “services.msc”.
  • Once the list of services pops up, then search for “touch keyboard and handwriting panel service” option.
  • Now double click on it and then click on “Startup Type”.
  • Then, select “Disabled”.
  • Apply your changes.

This simple method will fix your CTF loader issues. But, if they are still occurring, then you can try this second method and that is deleting the executable.

Method 2: Deleting the Executable

If you are constantly having CTF loader errors, only then you can try this method. Keep in mind that if you have used handwriting or voice recognition software, it may be negatively affected.

CTF loader, What is CTF Loader, ctfmon.exe

To delete the CTF loader Executable:

  • First go to your System32 folder, which is usually located in C:\Windows\System32.
  • Now, search for “ctfmon.exe”.
  • Click on it and then delete it.

Note: If you are using handwriting and voice recognition function, then we don’t recommend this method to solve CTF loader errors.

Method 3: Controlling ctfmon.exe using the Task scheduler

This method enables you to control when ctfmon.exe is actually used, which means you won’t run into any CTF loader related errors whenever you are not using it. Windows Task scheduler lets you choose when ctfmon.exe is used and it’s very easy to set up.

CTF loader, What is CTF Loader, ctfmon.exe
  • First, open the start menu and type “taskschd.msc”.
  • Double click on the Task Schedule Library.
  • Now select Microsoft > Windows > TextServicesFramework.
  • Then click on “MSCTFMonitor” and then click on “Disable


With this simple method, you can disable ctfmon.exe without actually deleting it. Whenever you want to use it again, just enable it again. Remember that there are viruses that can cover themselves as ctfmon.exe or as CTF Loader, so you should run your antivirus frequently in order to catch these viruses before they can harm your system even further. If you have any suggestion or feedback regarding this post then please comment below.

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