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Couchtuner eu: Best couchtuner alternatives

Couchtuner is an excellent site for everyone who enjoys watching TV shows online for free. The service does not host this content itself, however, but rather, it acts as a database that redirects viewers to different streaming websites. Couchtuner is a mainstream streaming service that was utilized by individuals around the globe. Unfortunately, the service likewise used to stream movies and TV shows without copyright owners’ permission, which prompted the service being blocked in many nations of the world. To fight this issue, Couchtuner went to the utilization of different subdomains, for example, couchtuner eu,,,,,, and

Be that as it may, even with these issues, the individuals who appreciate free online streaming can, in any case, satisfy their everyday requirements for TV shows, movies, and other comparative content by utilizing various alternatives to Couchtuner.

Best couchtuner eu alternatives

There are couchtuner alternatives, and so to help you find your way around for streaming online content, here are some of the best couchtuner alternatives.


123Movies is one of the mainstreaming services you are probably going to discover when searching for the best free streaming sites like Couchtuner. It offers both, free movies and TV shows, and it has a serious monstrous database of both — accessible for online streaming and downloads the same.

couchtuner eu, couchtuner , couchtuner alternatives, alternatives to Couchtuner

Obviously, this service is like Couchtuner from numerous points of view, including the way that it is additionally streaming content illegally. It additionally experiences comparable issues regarding malware and other such threats. In any case, it is among the services that are as yet accessible, simple to get to, and on top of all — free. Simply make sure to be cautious with respect to what you download.


Popcornflix is one more of the best Couchtuner alternatives, with an enormous number of free movies, just as many different TV shows. This is a greatly improved service than past sections, as movies are very simple to discover through the inquiry field or classifications, for example, Action, Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Family, and many more.

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The site is anything but difficult to utilize, despite the fact that the movies and shows are recorded inside the class, however without arranging choices. The service isn’t flawless, obviously, as it needs somewhat with regards to video quality, which is commonly at the degree of a normal DVD motion picture. It likewise includes advertisements, yet they are moderately short, and ought not to cause too numerous issues, however, there are occurrences where video buffering can be experienced. It likewise has two applications which are entirely simple to utilize, so all things considered, it is extraordinary compared to other free streaming sites like Couchtuner.


Next, we have ProjectFreeTV, which is another great webpage for watching well-known shows online. It doesn’t offer movies, and rather, it centers exclusively on TV shows. This Couchtuner elective fills in as an outsider streamer, which essentially implies that it doesn’t have or claim any of the content it offers.

couchtuner eu, couchtuner , couchtuner alternatives, alternatives to Couchtuner

The service’s format is easy to utilize, which is useful for new clients, as they can without much of a stretch discover their way around the site. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t feature images, and the site needs various territories, for example, content organization. It doesn’t feature classes by any stretch of the imagination, which makes it difficult to discover shows having a place with a similar type. Be that as it may, it is still free online streaming, which makes it worth considering.

Movie Watcher

Next, there is Movie Watcher, which is another, quite a great choice with regards to streaming movies and shows. It offers extraordinary video quality, with a significant number of its movies being in full HD, while it remains totally free. In any case, you should make a record so as to get to the content, yet that is basically it.

Wolowtube, couchtuner eu, couchtuner , couchtuner alternatives, alternatives to Couchtuner

The service will likewise give you a chance to download documents and watch later. What’s more, its structure remains very straightforward and clean, accommodating incredible client experience. There are likewise different classifications, for example, Popular Movies, New Movies, and Coming Soon, among others. Be that as it may, you can likewise look for a specific movie or appear, and even check their IMDB ratings and the same. Movie Watcher is certainly among the best Couchtuner alternatives.


At that point, there is Netflix, which is basically the sort of online streaming services. It offers an immense library of TV shows and movies, just as anime, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and essentially whatever else that you can consider.

couchtuner eu, couchtuner , couchtuner alternatives, alternatives to Couchtuner

It is another premium service, clearly, however utilizing it costs just around $10-14 every month, contingent upon the bundle you pick. Different packages give you a different number of gadgets which can stream Netflix shows simultaneously, so that is an interesting point. Other than that, Netflix likewise features its very own enormous number shows and movies, the greater part of which are incredibly well known the world over.

It ought to likewise be referenced that Netflix does not offer similar content to all districts and that you may be left with what you get except if you utilize a VPN. Furthermore, VPNs are additionally fundamental for territories where Netflix isn’t permitted.

Amazon Prime Video

As the name proposes, Amazon Prime Video is possessed by Amazon, and it is among the best streaming service available — directly close to Netflix and Hulu. It is likewise a premium service which can be gotten for around $99 every year, which makes it considerably less expensive than Netflix.

couchtuner eu, couchtuner , couchtuner alternatives, alternatives to Couchtuner

With the service, you get extra benefits; for example, free two-day delivering on your buys on Amazon, just as a one free Kindle book for every month. You even gain admittance to Amazon Prime Instant Video and Amazon Music. It is an incredible option to Couchtuner if you wouldn’t fret paying for it. In any case, with $99 for a year, the service would be sensibly shabby, even without the majority of the additional advantages.


Here, we have mentioned the best couchtuner alternatives that serve you well, although you may require a VPN to access some of them. There are some completely legal services that you can pay for and then use without any malware or censorship. Hope you like the post. If you have any query or problem, then please let us know in the comment.

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