Things you must avoid while selecting Cool Company Names

Everything is in the name. It is all the more essential while naming any organization. Finalizing a moniker of institutions, firms, and organizations is one of the most important decisions that you have to take. You cannot compromise on that part. It is like setting a tone for all your future ventures and creating a brand identity.

The first thing that anyone notices about your business is the brand name. And, as the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. So, you would not like to choose a name that reduces the chance of customer growth. This article will help you to avoid the mistakes that most of you tend to make. Hence, keep reading and take the best decisions in choosing a brand name.

Keep in Mind

You always have the chance of changing your brand name, even after the paperwork is done. However, that will cost you a substantial sum. Remember, creating a brand identity is something that doesn’t happen fortnight and requires a lot of advertisement. To escape the tiring process, it is better to get it done right from scratch.

List of points to focus

Here is a list of mistakes that top entrepreneurs tend to make. Learn from their mistake and shine in glory.

  1. Did you consider branding?

Creating a name isn’t enough. You have to create an image around it. That is the challenging part. Within the period of the first six months, you will be able to judge if the image is perceived in the right manner. Experts believeopinion that you should not waste any time further for waiting for a creative idea to strike your brain. It is always the best option to start immediately than to let go of the momentum.

  • Choose and easy-to-spell word

Most marketers are in the pursuit of a unique name; choose such names that appear to sound difficult. You have to have a general approach and not objective. Remember if it is hard to spell or pronounced, not everyone is going to remember it. That’s how you go on losing your consumers. Therefore, the golden rule is to choose a word that can be spelled without much deliberation. So, after you have decided the name, ask your relatives and friends to spell that word. If the majority of them pass the test without difficulty, you are in the right direction.

  • Did you do a trademark cross-check?

That’s another grave mistake. You cannot afford to have a name that resembles another enterprise. That will be utterly shameful and disgraceful. Nobody should pass comments that you have copied it from someone else. Hence, performing trademark research is necessary. Take help from the popular website and find out that your logo is unique.

  • Is it too heavy?

Many times, it has been observed that they tend to keep their brand name too full of descriptions. That should be avoided. Having a name that is too descriptive may render of chances of rebranding. As you already know, rebranding does not come easy. Moreover, your goals may shift in the near future. Hence it is better to keep it light and easily comprehensive.

Does it sound too much work for you? You better take expert assistance and bring out a name that steals a heart from the start. And, let the experts suggest cool Company names.

  • Avoid cliched names

You would have come across a lot of businesses that has the name of ABC Technology, or of that sort. That sounds too much cliched. Consumers tend to overlook such generic names. Find a name that best describes your struggle-cum-success story, something that bears your imprint on its face. Or likewise, a name that can be easily connected with you. It has to be relatable.

  • Is it too long?

It is inevitable that you have to create social media handles for more traffic engagement. Consequently, the name shouldn’t be too long to be managed. To failure to which will not create the impact that you have always wanted. For that, you have to at first lay a strategy and act accordingly. Your name should not exceed more than 15 characters. Yeah, that’s the secret.

  • Is the domain available?

The primary step here is to select a name that is easily recognized in the industry and is easily recalled. Search engines have now become more familiar with domains that end with — oi Hence, at first, you have to check if the domain that you want to pick is available and not taken by others. There are many tools and apps available that can help you in this regard. It is smarter to book your domain beforehand to avoid unnecessary discontent.

How to select the best name?

What is best for you may not be best for the rest. However, this is your call. Follow the above suggestions and avoid the silly mistakes that one usually commits. Now, that you have learned what not to do, it is time to learn what to do. There are certain points that you must keep in mind before you sit for deciding a name.

Keep a name that tells what you do in the first place

This is utmost important. It has been reported that clients after reading a particular brand name are seemingly confused regarding your field or sector. Hence, while keeping a name, decide it smartly. It should be such that reflects what the company is about from the title itself. This makes it easier for clients to connect to the brand.

Keep it simple and cool

Your aim should be to keep a cool and catchy company name. It should click people immediately and compel them to visit your venture either offline or online. Uniqueness is great but today’s generation demands the swag factor. The name should cool and trendy. It should be treated as a great hashtag. Remember while doing online business, you are approaching the mindful adults that not just follow trends but also set them. 

Hopefully, you will be able to find the right name for your company with the help of this article. Stay tuned for more such suggestions.

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