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The Top 7 Technology Trends That Dominated 2016

Whether you’re a business owner difficult to make your enterprise more profitable, a marketer trying to make your life easier, or just a consumer eager for the latest and greatest technology, it’s hard not to be dynamic about the new technology trends that are shaping our world.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve made a number of predictions about how technology would develop throughout 2016, and while many of my forecasts came true, there have also been some unexpected developments in new areas that are worth our attentions.

latest technology trends 2016, latest technology trends, technology trends in 2016, information technology trends 2016, it trends 2016, top 7 technology trends

 The Top 7 Technology Trends That Dominated 2016

  • The Open enterprise

The “Open enterprise” is loose terms that define the tendency for different companies and application to offer themselves through other apps, websites, and applications to offer themselves through other apps, websites, and device functions.

For example, you can order an Uber directly through Google, and Starbucks having plans to expand its mobile ordering app so consumers can order coffee while doing other things on their devices.

This is becoming important because the “mobile experience” is becoming fluid, comprising elements of web surfing, information retrieval, and the use of functionality all at once.

Being available to your customers no matter what app they’re using is a critical way to build awareness and promote more engagements.

  • IOT streamlining

The Internet of Things and smart home technology have failed to “take off” for several years; despite lots of smart devices on the market, the diversity of different companies offering solutions and the lack of a singular, unified “language” has made it difficult to create full internal networks.

Now, companies like Google and Amazon are trying to streamline IoT, making devices revolve around centralised hubs. The problem of association in IoT may soon come to a close.

The success and impact of these tech trends in 2016 means that more companies, entrepreneurs, and developers will be focusing their efforts in these areas in 2017 and beyond.

The potential is overwhelming, and I, for one, and thrilled to see how these and yet-unpredictable technologies develop in the next few years, and how they affect entrepreneurs and startups. I’ll be writing about them as they develop so keep your eyes peeled for new updates.

  • Block-chain and crypto-tech

If you know the term “Block-chain” it is probably because of its association with Bitcoin-or because it’s become a hot new tech fad that only keeps growing.

Block-chain is a specialised way of sending, receiving, and processing information, which made it the ideal way to track the “crypto currency” of Bitcoin.

Now, Block-chain tech is being used in the healthcare and insurance industries, and is currently being explored by other developers.

There’s a ton of potential for higher security and smoother consumer transactions here, and we’ll see those paths unfold into 2017 and beyond.

  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun to creep into our lives in more diverse and unexpected ways.

Just at a glance, AI algorithms are starting to self-improve search ranking and search results, automated investing, and personal digital assistants.

So far, there have yet to be any major roadblocks-instead; we’re seeing major breakthroughs, such as AlphaGo beating a human Go master for the first time in history.

We’re getting better at making our machines better, and in the next few years, we may start inching closer to approaching human-level intelligence with these systems.

  • Streaming video

Chances are, you’ve seen at least one of your friends or a major brand you follow stream a live video for their audience over the past year.

That’s because streaming video is becoming more practical, more popular, and in heavier demand. Streaming video is interesting to users because it gives them an “in the moment experience”, being able to see through someone else’s eyes rather than just seeing a retrospective update.

Because it’s been nearly perfected by brands like Facebook like Facebook, it’s easier than ever for anyone to live-stream a broadcast at any time.Expect this trend to develop further with product like iGlass and Snap’s Spectacles.

  • Data Visualisation

For a few years, every kind of “tech trends” post you could imagine mentioned “big data”, at least in passing.

Today, big data is still around and still influential, but people aren’t referring to it in such generic terms anymore, instead they’re focusing on its applications.

One of the most important pieces to the big data puzzle is being able to interpret and manage the data accurately, and draw meaningful conclusions from what you’ve gathered and that ‘s where data visualisation comes in.

Thousands of companies have sprung up to aggregates project, visualise, and interpret data on behalf of non-professional data analysts, and to make “big data” more practical for the business world.

  • Augmented and virtual reality

AR and VR are already seemingly starting to become overused terms, but I’d be remiss if didn’t mention them on this list.

Oculus Rift explode onto the scene this year, along with dozens of competing devices and systems. Sales figures suggest that this is more than just a passing trend, and the hype wasn’t overblown.

Plus, augmented reality app Pokemon Go crushed expectations with over 100 million downloads, ushering in what could be a new era for augmented reality gaming and some marketing and advertising opportunities that go along with it.

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