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5 fantastic travel prep apps for Newark flyers

Planning a vacation can be challenging and time consuming.

But thankfully, there are some great apps out there that can reduce this burden.

So before you book your next trip out of Newark,here are five fantastic apps to help you organize your trip with ease.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is your go-to app for booking flights and accommodation. It searches through all your options then leaves you to choose the most convenient one – don’t worry, there are plenty of reviews to help you.

One of the best features is the calendar chart, which shows you the cheapest dates to fly within that monthin order to provide the best deal possible. To find out more about the features of the Skyscanner app, head to the official website.

  • PackPoint

If you’re tired of racking your brain to come up with a packing list, you need PackPoint in your life. The app generates a highly accurate packing list which considers factors you might otherwise forget, like the weather forecast and purpose of trip.

You can also modify the list to suit your individual requirements, or if you make any additional plans. Plus, you can share it with others in your group and spare them the pain of making their own list.

  • Seat Guru

With the Seat Guru app on your phone, you’ll be able to pick the perfect seat for your journey and travel in complete comfort.

The app has seat maps for over 1,000 aircrafts across 154 airlines, so you’ll have a clear picture of the seating layout on your flight. Plus, you’ll also have access to important seating information such as the amount of legroom and seat width.

  • Tripit

By downloading the Tripit app you’ll be able to access all your travel information in one place.

No matter where you book your flights, accommodation or activities, this information can be sent to Tripit, which compiles apersonalised travel itinerary for you.It also has reminders and alerts to help keep you on schedule throughout your trip.

  • Travelstoke

The Travelstoke appgives you access to a fun network of fellow travelers and locals, where you can share advice, stories and arrange meetups.

The app also suggests the best places to visit in your chosen travel destination, which is super useful when you’replanning your travel itinerary.

With these apps by your side, planning your next getaway will be a breeze.

Just remember to plan your route to the airport and be aware thatdriving is by far the most comfortable and convenient option.

If you do drive, you can book Newark Airport parking on Looking4.comand you’ll find affordable deals that save you cash fora fantastic getaway.

That’s our list! Share your favorite travel prep apps in the comments section.

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