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Best Demanding Siri Apps for Android (Siri for Android)

Here I will explain about Siri for Android. Siri for Android and other apps are getting popular more and more. We will here review some of the best Siri for Android apps which can be a good alternative of Siri for Android phones.

These days’ voice assistants are getting more and more popular, and currently, Siri is taking the lead in the digital voice assistant market. Because of Siri’s integration and efficiency, voice assistants have gained popularity among users. While Siri is Apple‘s own digital voice assistant to help you with different tasks on iPhone and iPad, there are different alternate solutions on the Android platform as well.

Voice assistants help out a lot in daily life. They help you keep track of important things and make your life a little easier to manage. Siri isn’t the only digital voice assistant in the market. There are quite a few great ones out there. Here we are going to list the very best digital voice assistants for Android OS. If you are looking for some fun time go and ask some funny things from Siri.

Cortana: Siri for Android     

Microsoft’s Cortana still needs some work but it still has a lot of potential for improvement. Microsoft’s voice assistant has a ton of things that it can do and it’s integrated into Windows 10 for near-seamless, cross-platform support.

Among its many features include the ability to call people, send SMS and email, take notes, track packages, tell jokes, add stuff to your calendar, and more. Cortana might be a little rough around the edges but it is still better integrated than a lot of other apps on the market.

Download : Cortana

Robin: Siri for Android    

What makes Siri unique on iPhone is the ability to start running by just saying ‘Hi, Siri.’ Robin, the Siri Challenger, is a similar, fast booting; light weight voice assistant app for the Android phones (Siri for Android).

It boots in incredibly fast speed and pops up quickly by tapping on the app icon. The interface is a little bit peculiar, however; it does not give a high impact on the app. The interface also has a transparent background which could become a little bit distracting in the presence of multiple colors on the drawer. The app can recognize many different accents and text-messaging can be made fun easily with it.

Download : Robin

Top Assistant: Siri for Android    

Top Assistant has very less resemblance with Siri and it is not a conventional voice assistant app (Siri for Android), but it does the virtual assistant job very well. Top Assistant is most useful in those scenarios where a user needs some multitasking on the daily basis. For example, if you are doing some important calculations work and using spreadsheets, you will need a calculator to accomplish this task.

The Top Assistant does some quick work by providing you an on-screen button for opening the calculator. Imagine if you didn’t have the Top Assistant helping you through this, you should have an expensive Samsung gadget to do some multitasking. Therefore, the importance of having Top Assistant cannot be ignored.

Download: Top Assistant

Indigo: Siri for Android     

Indigo is another Siri for Android. With one of the best interfaces among the other related apps, the Indigo Virtual Assistant provides some amazing features like controlling the music when you are busy in something else like workouts or kitchen works.

The Indigo can do the translation for you as well but you must have the native accent. The app also provides features to connect on social media as well. These cool features make it one of the good choices to become an alternative Siri for Android apps.

These were our top ten picks of the best digital voice assistants available on the market. All of these voice assistants are available on Android and some on a few other platforms as well. Some of the digital assistants in this list are a match of Siri while others are simplistic and standard to get the job done.

Download : Indigo

Andy: Siri for Android    

Andy, Siri-Like Assitant app for Android phones (Siri for Android) is nothing less than a great assistant. It has a very beautifully designed simple assistant, unlike the EVA assistant. A fully functional and intelligent voice assistant and one of the best companion to student community around the world. It helps students greatly when it comes to subjects like Science, History and even Religion which are indeed vast topics.

Being a voice assistant, it does a good job by reading the text for the students, helping them with their homework, and making it easier than ever before. Very intelligently, it helps to solve mathematical problems, reasoning, logics and philosophy for the students. Less fortunately, the free version has some good features missing as compared to the paid version. There are no ads in the paid version, and also, its quality is improved. Thus, if you are looking for Siri for Android apps, it can become one of your best choices.

Download : Andy

Dragon Mobile Assistant: Siri for Android   


The 4th in line is Dragon Mobile Assistant, which has the best stylish interface design out there. It serves the functions of a fully reliable Siri for Android app. Sending text; with the help of voice is a nice feature. This makes it very easy for you to find hotels and restaurants around the country. Dragon assistant makes your life very easy when you have it on your phone. But rush now to install it and wait for the next and the best Siri for Android apps.

Download : Dragon Mobile Assistant

Assistant: Siri for Android   

The Assistant is an amazing Siri-like App for Android phones (Siri for Android). It serves the full purpose of having a virtual assistant on your phone. It sets meetings, recognizes voices, and navigates the maps for you efficiently and easily. The interface of the assistant app is smooth and makes it a delightful app to use.

Genie: Siri for Android     

Genie is one nice digital voice assistant app on Android OS which you can use as an alternative of Siri on your Android Phone. Tasks like voice texting, calling, and dialing is made easy through Genie app. Setting the alarm has never been so much easy with voice command. For example, for setting the alarm for Monday morning 8 am, you have to speak the words: “Wake me up at 8 on Monday Morning.” The app will understand it and serve you according to your instructions. Therefore, it is no doubt, one of the best apps for the alarm clock. This app has a paid version for $3 price; the free version comes with some limited features.

Download : Genie

Google Now: Siri for Android

Google Now is undoubtedly one of the best personal voice assistant apps on Android (Siri for Android). It comes with a large number of features which include the basics, along with more advanced stuff like anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere, Google Now on Tap, and a lot more.

It’s not enough that this app is solid as a brick wall but it also receives updates constantly by Google which seems to only add to its stability and range of features. If your device has Google Play Services, you probably already have this installed which means you just have to turn it on. You can also get Google Now Launcher which puts Google Now at the forefront of your device interactions.

Download : Google Now

 AVC (Alice): Siri for Android     

AVC (Alice) is a standard digital assistant that gets the job done. It features the ability to ask for simple things such as starting various apps, the weather, time, calendar, reminders, and even provide answers to simple math problems.

You can also ask AVC (Siri for Android) about fun facts about stats, stocks, and more. Of course, it also includes the basic features like calling, sending SMS, navigation, alarms, and translation. It’s not as complex or smooth as something like Google Now but it’s not a bad choice if you just need something simple that helps you keep track of things.

Download : AVC (Alice)

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