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After all, 2016 saw the release of PC games Hitman, XCom 2, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Stardew Valley, The Division, Dark Souls III, Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and No Man’s Sky. That last, one proved to be a huge disappointment, but there’s already an intriguing bunch of games lining up for release                 Best PC Games.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole


Best Pc Games

Anticipated release: First quarter, 2017

South Park: Is a Best Pc Games. The Stick of Truth was one of the surprise hits of 2014 because, let’s face it, game adaptations of films and television series often Wreaks of unabashed cash in and are frequently disappointing. Oh, and Ubisoft was behind it too.

But the Stick of Truth was soaked in the best of South Park. Just watch a play through on YouTube and it’s like watching an episode of South Park twisted in the style of s role playing game.

In the broken but Whole, Ubisoft have sought to beef-up the RPG elements, while maintaining the simple charm of the television series.

Initially scheduled for launch in December, Ubisoft put it back until “the first quarter of 2017” to give themselves a bit more polishing time.

Download:  Best PC Games: South Park

Mass Effect Andromeda

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: first Quarter

Half life 3 is never going to see the light of day, but what certainly will is Mass Effect Andromeda, another game that has been shunted from 2016 to 2017, but anything by Bioware is always going to be worth more than a cursory glance.

And anything in the Mass Effect series will almost certainly be eagerly scheduled on all platforms, even if the last game, Mass Effect 3, garnered obviously better reviews from critics, who have an interest in marking up big-name titles from big-name games companies [taps nose], than from ordinary buyers.

The fourth game in the trilogy, it’s been described by BioWare game producer Mike Gamble as “the biggest we’ve ever done”, although he’s scarcely likely to say anything else.

It will be the first in the Mass Effect series to approve the Frostbite game engine, also used by Fifa 17, which should mean an enhancement in graphics over Mass Effect 3.

Unlike Commander Shepard, star of previous games in the series, the primary characters called Ryder is a nobody, destined for hero status.

In the name of equality, there are two of them – twins Scott and Sara, so you can take your pick between them.

Although all the original races, including the Asari, Krogan, Turians and Salarians will be returning, together with a new bunch called the Ketts, BioWare warns that the new game will make little or no reference to characters from previous Mass Effect games.

Loyalty missions return in the new game, though, and choices made in the earlier games may be reflected in the new game, claims BioWare.

We’ll have to wait and see how, accurately, this pans out given the level of criticism over the ending of Mass Effect 3.

BioWare had said that decisions made throughout the three games would be reflected in the ending to Mass Effect 3, but ultimately they didn’t make a jot of difference.

Previous games in the series have been praised for their storyline and strong characters, but criticized for the amount of DLC well, it is an EA title. That means, though, that if you want to be properly kitted out, you’ll have to prepare to be rinsed.

Download:  Best PC Games: Mass Effect Andromeda

Yooka –Laylee

Best Pc Games

Anticipated release: 11th April 2017

If you like your games to look like Pixar animations or those fun Nintendo games of old, Yooka- Laylee may well be right up your alley.

Promising open world, 3D platform-jumping pleasure, this ‘collect-em-up’ game has been designed by a bunch of former Rare employees best known for their work on a number of Nintendo N64 games.

Really, the two characters – chameleon Yooka, and Laylee – have been created by Kevin Bayliss, the character artist behind the rebooted Donkey Kong.

The development of the 3D worlds, meanwhile, is the work of Steven Hurst, who also worked on the N64 game Banjo-Kazooie, to which Yooka-Laylee is intended as the spiritual successor.

The game promises a total of five of five “vast and beautiful” worlds’ books to explore, actually found within some magical books, and the pre-release vids certainly paint an attractive picture.

With yoka – Laylee having snaffled up more Kickstarter funding than any other UK game to date, let’s hope it proves it lives to its promise, unlike so many games bankrolled via crowed funding.

Download:  Best PC Games: Yooka –Laylee

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Best Pc Games

Anticipated release: 4th April 2017

The Sniper Ghost Warrior series has long been the poor relation to Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 definitely earned the plaudits for a believable physics engine, its missions and its rigid focus on sniping.

While Sniper Ghost Warrior earned mixed reviews on steam, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 earned some grudging respect for its colourful graphics and adherence to the sniping theme, but also criticism for the relatively short duration of the game.

However, given the improvements that have been made with each passing game in the series hopes are high for Sniper Ghost warrior 3.

From what we’ve seen so far, the Graphics will be absolutely gorgeous, while the gameplay will remain true to the sniper theme.

You’ll also have to appropriately battle physics, taking account of wind, fog and rain – this isn’t one of those games where all you need to do is to get your target in the cross-hairs and press ‘A’ or indifferently left-clicking on the mouse.

In other words, your sniper role will remain unfailing throughout and as reasonable as a computer game can be, without compromising gameplay, but with added bullet-cam for added gore.

Download:  Best PC Games: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Urban Empire

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: 20th January 2017

Kalypso has been behind some absolute stinkers in recent years, such as Airline Tycoon 2, but thankfully nothing quite as bad as any of these.

Its forte, though, seems to be city/empire building with such popular games as the Tropico series, Patricin 3, and, err; well that’s it, really.

Urban Empire, though, sound genuinely interesting. You take change of a nepotistic Political dynasty but, unlike Crusader kings, you can’t get your rivals bumped off.

That means you can’t just plonk factories, zones and wotnot wherever you want and must have to have one eye on your popularity as well as the other three families scheming to topple you – this isn’t a ‘God game’.

Indeed, it has been described as Sid Meier’s Civilisation meets Sim City and, as both of those games genres are terrific, we’ve high hopes for Urban Empire, too.

Download:  Best PC Games: Urban Empire

Agents of Mayhem

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: Some time in 2017

Ever wanted to visit Seoul, but couldn’t afford it? Well, now’s your chance.

An agent of Mayhem is an open-world game played from a third-person perception based in the South Korean capital.

What makes it particularly interesting is that it’s a spin-off from the popular Saints Row series, following on from Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, but without any of the characters from Saints Row.

You play the role of three agents of MAYHEM, controlling them at the same time while you battle the impressively evil forces of terrorist organisation LEGION and “Dr Babylon” in particular. Which three of the 12 MAYHEM agents you choose to control is up to you.

Behind MAYHEM, meanwhile, is Ultor, a shadowy company that players of other Volition games will be familiar with.

An agent of Mayhem has spent the best part of three years in development, so it had better be good. The game runs on a new engine developed by Volition, which has no doubted added an extra layer of complexity for the developers.

Download:  Best PC Games: Agents of Mayhem

Sniper Elite 4

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: 14th February 2017

The first Sniper Elite game is what can best be considered as “all right” – for 2005. The graphics were okay, likewise the gameplay.

But, overall, it was a flawed and disappointing game. Certainly, it was not a patch on the original Call of Duty which had been released three years earlier.

Sniper Elite v2, though, was much better – it convincingly depicted a ruined Berlin being fought over by the remnants of the Wehrmacht and the advancing Soviet forces, while your own US superhero Karl Fairburne carried out his ultra-violent mission to prevent Nazi V2 rocket program technology from falling into the hands of the besieging Red Army.

However, it wasn’t necessarily that ‘snipery’ and the gameplay was rigidly linear – there really wasn’t that much scope to explore, which made it feel a little shallow in terms of the world that developer Rebellion was depicting.

Sniper Elite 3 was jolly good – the graphics were bright, colourful and realistic, with much more open maps ripe for exploring and missions that could be approached in a number of ways.

And, while players could rush all guns blasting, they were optimistic to take a more considerate approach and to really work out how missions could best be completed.

Download:  Best PC Games: Sniper Elite 4

Mount and Blade 2

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: 2017

Mount and Blade is one of those remarkable games that, despite its age, just keep on going.

Produced by independent Turkish developer TaleWorlds Entertainment, and originally funded by positive fan reaction to the beta, it’s not widely advertised or promoted.

Additionally, parts of the game are now clearly dated, and yet it retains fans and attracts new ones simply on the strength of the concept, the gameplay and the overall execution of the game.

However, Mount and Blade 2 should provide a much-needed update to this continuing old favourite, set 200 years before Mount and Blade: Warband, the game’s immediate predecessor (released in 2010).

The Mount and Blade series is set in a proper medieval society, which means it’s just horses, swords, castles, bows and arrows, slaughter, bad haircuts and so on – there are no hobgoblins, dragons, witches, snarks, grumpkins, hobbits, orcs or anything else that didn’t actually exist in medieval history.

Players are free to make their characters whoever they like. Different nations have different strengths, weaknesses and raison d’etre – choose you’re favourite.

So, all in all, Mount and Blade is possibly the most comprehensive medieval simulator going, but without the bad smells.

With Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, it ought to be getting even better, making it, without doubt, one of the most exciting releases coming in 2017.

Download:  Best PC Games: Mount and Blade 2

Halo Wars 2

Best Pc Games

Anticipated release: 21st February 2017

When Halo: Combat Evolved first emerged in 2001, it was one of the defining games of the original Xbox games console.

Half a decade later, Halo Wars took the Halo concept and turned it into a real-time strategy game but, in keeping with the policy Microsoft adopted of keeping the Halo franchise Xbox-only, it never emerged on the PC platform.

Not, that is, until this year in order to whet appetites for Halo Wars 2, bundled with what Microsoft calls the ‘Ultimate Edition’, but which should more accurately be called the ‘expensive edition’.

It follows on from 2009’s Halo Wars, created by Age of Empires developers together, a studio that closed down right after Halo Wars was released. This put the kybosh on the development work it had done on the planned sequel.

Halo Wars 2, therefore, is being developed by UK based creative gathering, best known for the Total war series.

Download:  Best PC Games: Halo Wars 2

Resident Evil 7

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: 24th January 2017

Resident Evils is one of those game “franchises” that refuses to die. Now on its seventh outing, and set to launch within a month – so not too long to wait.

Chunks of the game have already been released to the gaming press, and partial play-throughs reveal an original, if disturbed, bunch of minds behind this first-person shooter horror. Pro tip: you really don’t want to take a peak in the fridges.

Set in modern-day rural America, the story carries on from where Resident Evil 6 left off. Except where Resident Evil 6 was a third-person shooter, the new game is first-person, upping the tension somewhat: No longer can you peer round corners to try and catch a glimpse of what horror lies beyond; you’ll just have to blunder in like a clutz instead.

Resident Evil 6 had something of a mixed reception. The Storyline was Shallow, claimed critics, and some of the mechanics were a bit shonky.

But the awful AI embodied in the single player co –op of Resident Evil 5 was much improved and, once you got used to the controls, the game wasn’t too bad.

Resident Evil 7, if pre-release reviews are any guide, will crank up the AI still further, and it also promises more puzzles and to be scarier than ever – pre-release playthroughs certainly look thoroughly brown-trousering.

Download:  Best PC Games: Resident Evil 7

Prey (reboot)

Best Pc Games, PC Games

Anticipated release: “spring” 2017

Incisive Media’s London offices are situated just one floor above Bethesda’s. If we wanted to, with a properly dominant masonry drill and a quiet weekend, we could possibly drill a hole in the upper limit and spy on whatever games they’re working on below.

Such as the reboot of Prey, this has been in development for the best part of a decade.

Being law – abiding types, through, we wouldn’t do that, but instead simply note the shifting of the door mats in their greeting: one month it’s Fallout 4, the next it’s the Elder Scrolls v.

Download:  Best PC Games: Prey


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