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Best Headphones of 2017, Best Headphones, Best Headphones 2017

Best Headphones of 2017

Best Headphones are in an attractive place right now. Whereas earlier most people trapped with the standard earbuds that came with their phone or MP3 player, nowadays more people than ever are improvement to a pair of more premium cans. There are some excellent reasons for doing so; a good pair of Best headphones of 2017 can entirely transform your music listening experience.


Bose SoundSport Wireless

Best Headphones of 2017

The Bose SoundSport Wireless combines a comfortable, secure fit with strong sound quality.

This model is equipped with a special sport version of the StayHear tips that are different from the StayHear tips included with Bose’s previously in-ear headphones, so they aren’t identical.

I should also point out that because the earpieces extend out from your ears you’ll probably have some trouble wearing these under certain helmets.

The ear pieces are fairly massive, but not so bulky to feel heavy on your ears. However, if there’s a disapproval of this headphone’s design, it’s that the ear pieces could protrude out a little less and be more discrete-looking. Easier said then done, of course — today’s battery technology is holding back efficiency efforts.

 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best Headphones of 2017, Best Headphones, Best Headphones 2017

Audio-Technica’s classic headphones redesigned for smart listeners.

One of the reasons Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50 headphones became popular was that they were sort of the anti-Beats.

Or, put another way, they were the headphones for “smart” listeners who looked down on people who overpaid and got suckered into the whole Beats marketing machine.

At first glance, the new-for-2014 ATH-M50x headphones seem to be that more mobile-oriented version. approximately identical to the ATH-M50 model, they have improved padding on the earcups and a new detachable-cord design.

The headphones are available in black, white, and blue, and come with three different cords in the box matching the chosen color.

 Apple AirPods

Best Headphones of 2017, Best Headphones, Best Headphones 2017

Even with some drawbacks, including their funky look, the AirPods are the best value for this new breed of totally wireless headphone.

Fit and comfort:

The AirPods are super lightweight and stayed in my ears better than Apple’s EarPods. While the AirPods look comparable to their energetic siblings, they have some small design upgrades that are supposed to help create a better fit.

The EarPods’ cords are slim but still add weight to the buds, which can cause them to slip out if your ears aren’t EarPod friendly. But with not anything exhausted them down, the AirPods sat loosely nestled in my ears.

W1 chip makes for seamless pairing:

Apple’s custom Bluetooth chip, the W1, is designed to allow for automatic pairing with Apple devices running iOS 10, WatchOS 3 or MacOS Sierra. And it completely delivers: Just place the headphones near your compatible device and they’ll automatically be detected and ask for pairing, no diving into settings menu needed.

You can also transition easily between Apple devices, toggling between the sound of your computer to your iPhone or iPad’s.

Good sound quality:

The sound has an open, open quality to it because, well, these are open, non noise-isolating earbuds. That means the buds don’t require a tight seal to get the best sound. You just put down them in your ears and you’re good to go.


Best Headphones of 2017

This fresh take on the around-the-neck Bluetooth headphone can be used for everyday wear or sporting activities.

Like ’em or hate ’em, Apple’s AirPods have been the talk of the headphone world ever since they were announced closest the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in September 2016.

But there’s another Apple wireless headphone from the company’s Beats by Dre supplementary that’s also received its share of buzz: The BeatsX. And like the AirPods, the BeatsX was also delayed, but it’s officially available as of February 10.

The BeatsX employs Apple’s new custom low-power Bluetooth chip, the W1, which is also found in the AirPods, PowerBeats3 Wireless and the Solo3 Wireless, and allows for automatic pairing with Apple devices updated with the latest versions of its operating systems.

But among that trio of new Beats models, the BeatsX is the only truly fresh model, and the first one designed with the help of Apple’s design and engineering teams. Another bonus: the BeatsX is the only one that charges with a Lightning cable.

Beyerdynamic T51i 

Best Headphones of 2017, Best Headphones, Best Headphones 2017

Yes it’s pricey, but the Beyerdynamic T51i is one of the best on-ear headphones available, offering excellent sound and a comfortable fit.

Discovery an actually good pair of on-ear headphones can be a challenge. While they’re more compact than over-the-ear models, they often aren’t as comfortable — they sit on your ear after all — and don’t measure up sound-wise to their over-the-ear brethren, which also tend to do a better job sealing out ambient noise.

So it’s easy to get excited when you come across an on-ear headphone like the Beyerdynamic T51i that not only features top-notch sound but is sturdily built and comfortable to wear. It’s priced at $300.

Made in Germany, the T51i is a dead ringer for Beyerdynamic’s earlier T50, but the newer model has upgraded innards and sound.

Sony MDR-1A

Best Headphones of 2017, Best Headphones, Best Headphones 2017

The MDR-1A is now as fulfilled around your neck as they are on your head and their quality sound is appropriate for all music genres.

Sony’s MDR-1A is the successor to the discontinued MDR-1R, a “premium” over-ear that we liked a lot when we reviewed it a few years ago.

That former model was known for being particularly comfortable, and the very similar looking 1A, which costs $300, is even more so, thanks to some small design changes.

First, its earcup design is cleverly different, with softer filling and cushions that are loosely disposed to conform to your head better.

The finish on the MDR-1A is also a bit more textured. It’s a minor detail, but I did like it vaguely better, but others may rather the smooth finish of the MDR-1R.

One of the largest design changes is that the MDR-1A’s earcups turn in an opposite direction from the MDR-1R’s.

That’s a big deal because the headphones can now rest flat against your clavicles when you have them sitting on your neck.

In other words, they feel a lot more comfortable when you’re wearing them around your neck and not listening to them.



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