Best Dating apps for iPhone in 2019

Today we have prepared for you the list of the best dating applications for iPhone where you can find future love and learn how to make online dating work. So, if you don’t have the time or the desire to spend long hours on live dating, feel free to download the applications below. Fortunately, modern mobile devices are ready to help in the search for a loved one.


This is one of the world’s largest social apps for dating, which is used by over 300 million people from different countries. With the help of it, you can get acquainted anywhere: in a cafe or subway, in public transport or abroad. Tinder is created for those who want to meet new people, expand their circle of constant communication, find friends while traveling to another country and meet a loved one.   The service can regularly show you photos of users who are nearby and offers to evaluate them positively or negatively. And with the coincidence of sympathy will give the opportunity to communicate online and then in real life.

WouldLove 2

This is a place where people find their love, not casual sex. It is quite nice app for those who are serious about a relationship. Search for a couple is offered among your friends from a social network. But don’t be afraid – if you want to secretly mention a nice friend to you, then she/he will not know anything until notices you as a person that he/she likes. A romantic date, a friendly trip to the cinema or communication online – the service offers options for all occasions, which are not limited to finding a loved one. But as a result, many people found their loved ones.


This is one of the best apps, the developers of which are betting on maximum anonymity. There are no links to social networks and other profiles, e-mail addresses or phone numbers, and chats are automatically deleted in one hour after communication. With this app, your personal life will remain personal. You just start communicating with a person you like and make an appointment if you feel a mutual attraction, and if not, then just move on.


This is an app for getting acquainted with new people, in which you can use your favorite music. First, this application will scan your media library to identify your favorite artists and then show you close-to-the-soul music fans nearby. In this case, during your acquaintance, you will immediately have a common musical theme for discussion, from which you can begin to communicate, as well as the opportunity to go together to a concert of a band, from which you both are crazy.


This app is created to help travelers get to know the local people in the countries they visit. However, the most interesting thing about this app is the instant translation of text messages into many different languages. A resident of Uruguay can easily communicate with a German without worrying about a language barrier or imperfect pronunciation. Moreover, users can send each other voice messages, photos or arrange a group conference. The application also works as a site where various travel diaries of tourists with photo reports, text or voice stories, which they can share with other users, are posted.

Summing up, I want to note that although all applications are free, they are all stuffed with built-in purchases to some extent. So, when looking for a “real” couple in a virtual world, adhere to two rules: first, don’t spend extra money on paid services. If it is not possible to find potential love in one application, then you may do it in another (as you have already seen, there are many of them today), and keep a cold mind dating a person. After all, you never know what/who waits on you.

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