Benefits of People Analytics for Businesses


People analytics is a crucial aspect that is required to run businesses yet it is often underestimated or unheard of. If done correctly, people analytics has the potential to shake things up from the ground level and create big changes in the workplace. Essentially, people analytics is studying people’s behavior and patterns along with their demographics. It has proven to reduce attrition rates, attract customers and increase productivity.

Keep reading to know why people analytics is booming in companies and what advantages it has to offer!

Increase Retention

HR uses people analytics as a strong tool to keep employees happy and keep workplaces healthy and thriving. Studying organizational behaviors within the company helps predict what teams would work better and how operations can be optimized. With the help of surveys and feedbacks, HR can better equip themselves to address challenges people face and provide employees more room for growth in a way that is suitable to them.

A great example of people analytics in the workplace is how it has allowed people to rotate jobs within the company which not only reduces the cost of attrition of the company but also benefits the employee. People analytics determined that people leave jobs looking for better opportunities or change in career paths, both of which can be provided within the company itself.

Improve Productivity

Top companies like Google have taken advantage of people analytics by studying people behaviors to help employees perform better. Even seemingly tiny changes such as work hours, lunchtime, number of meetings, weekly interactions, can all pile up and make a big difference in employee performances.

Many companies have implemented changes that are catered towards the betterment of employee’s health and lifestyle, which have significantly helped them do better at work. Factors such as team interaction, who communicates better with whom, which style of work is best suited are things that can be tweaked to bring about an impact via people analytics.

Attract Customers

The great thing about people analytics is that it can be applied almost everywhere. Humans are the most powerful resource and people analytics is always working towards optimizing it. When it comes to attracting customers, analytics is the first step that goes into driving traction. Studying consumer behavior, predicting what they will/won’t buy, forecasting sales, all fall under one umbrella of people analytics.

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Informed Hiring

One of the biggest use cases of people analytics is in hiring. Instinct and luck play big roles in hiring however these can be triumphed by information and awareness. Analytics while choosing which skill reaps the best results and predicting how well an employee will perform can help in hiring employees who will stay for a long term and be good at their jobs.


Aside from the huge role it plays in marketing, it is known to have incredible benefits within the workplace of a company as well. The biggest players in the industry seize people analytics to attract people as clients, customers as well as employees. 


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