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Top 5 Apps to help Students study in a Digital World


The world is advancing day and night. You can make technology a tool for studying. Technological devicesare the next best alternative study method. The right use of technology can give you excellent knowledge of your surroundings. It is integral for you to keep yourself on the right path. Knowledge never goes in vain. Keep yourself updated, now that it has become more accessible. You can make your learning easy and entertaining using the below-mentionedapps.

Dragon Anywhere (Note-taking App)

Would it not be nice if you can dictate documents by your voice? Dragon Anywhere is the app you should consider. You can easily dictate reports on your device using your voice. Using this app, you can be productive anywhere. This app offers:

  • Fast dictation
  • High accuracy of recognizing words (Continuously improves as it familiarizes with your voice)
  • You can speak without any limitation (For instance, time limit or length limit)
  • You can select words or sentences to edit or delete
  • You can apply formatting like underline or bold text etc.

1.  Scanner Pro

You do not need hardware scanners now. By using scanner pro, you can scan your paper documents into PDFs. This way you can make it cleaner rather professional. Some of the benefits of this app are as follows:

  • Saves time
  • No paper mess
  • You can upload the PDF file to any cloud service
  • You can print the files using printer pro

2.  Quizlet

Make it fun! Quizlet is an app that lets you study information through learning tools and games. You can create sets of terms and definition and modify them for your own good. Furthermore, you can explore them under numerous study modes. Some of the study mode that quizlet offer are:

  • Flash Cards
  • Gravity (A ‘play’ study mode)
  • Long Term Learning (Shows learning improvement over time)
  • Speller
  • Write

3.  StudyBuddy

This app can help you with your learning problems. You can generate question papers according to your syllabus and board pattern in less than 5 minutes, using this app. It is the best app for revision. Moreover, it has friendly features for the submission of answer sheets. Benefits of this app include:

  • You can use it anytime and anywhere
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • There are unlimited question papers
  • Zero errors

4.  TED

You can browse, download, or view TED talks, short videos on numerous topics. For instance, technology, design, entertainment and many more. Scientists, doctors, teachers, musicians, and many more share their knowledge and experiences on different subjects. You can learn so much using this app. You can also save videos and watch them while offline using My Talks page. You can also bookmark the videos you like. Some talks are available in more than 50 languages. This app also includes a Surprise Me feature to view a routine playlist of talks.


Now that your phone has become your teacher make sure you have a tracking app so you can track a cell phone location for free in case of theft or robbery.Everyone wants to groom themselves mentally and ethically. The only solution is to study. Technology is advancing very rapidly; you should use it for your own good. You know the importance of study; why not make it fun by using study apps.

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