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Samsung Gear S3, samsung gear s3 update, samsung gear s3 vs apple watch

Samsung Gear S3 Update might Give It the Edge over the Apple Watch

Samsung Gear s3 update will carry the edge on over the Apple Watch.

What is the Samsung Gear s3?

Samsung’s had a fair few cracks at smartwatches now, some faring significantly better than others. The Samsung Gear s2 definitely veered the closet to hit rather than “miss” compared to preceding efforts.

This year’s Gear s3 takes some of the memorable principles- The round display and Tizen operating system-and augments them with a raft of new sensors and a bigger, bolder design that more intimately resembles a classic analogue timepiece.

The Samsung s3 is a critically chunky smartwatch. It’s not going to suit every wrist.  

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Samsung Gear s3 smartwatch is now only available in retailer’s shops, so the minimum people have bought the watch. Samsung Gear s3 smartwatch is said to be the one of greatest Android mobile friendly smartwatch compare to other. The new Gear s3 Update will give it the edge to the biggest vendor Apple Watch.

Samsung Gear s3 have previously added a new official spotify App to control and stream music with your wrist. So, the Gear s3 will allow you to control your spotify with your wrist. Thanks you gear s3.

So, you don’t need to keep phone in your compact to listen music on Spotify. You also don’t need to switch the song, because Spotify will provide you full playlist and music store to play it whenever you want.

Gear s3 Update is also usable for the fitness fan and gym addicted fan, you can play the PB-encouraging track in spotify with you wrist doing workout.

If you are dancer then you must buy this Gear s3 smartwatch. You can play music on spotify with wirst in Gear s3 smartwatch while you are dancing.

The spotify App is now accessible for all the Android wear and Samsung‘s Tizen powered smartwatches, there is also plans to release for Apple watch soon with friendly options.

Samsung Gear S3, samsung gear s3 update, samsung gear s3 vs apple watch

                  Samsung Gear S3 Update might Give It the Edge over the Apple Watch

Design and display of Apple Watch:

With Apple watch series 2, the changes are mainly internal. It looks the same as the original, though Apple has added a ceramic case option in addition to aluminium or stainless steel, Apple says the ceramic case is four times tougher than stainless steel. Series 2 is also the same size as its predecessor; select the 38mm or 42mm version.

Design and display of Samsung Gear s3:

The Samsung Gear s3 by association is larger than both. At 1.8 by 1.8 by 0.5 inches, it’s bulkier and, with a circular shape, looks more like a traditional watch than Apple Watch.

There are two models, classic and frontier, but the difference is cosmetic; the classic is silver, and the frontier is black.

Install Spotify on your Samsung gear or Fit Gear device

  • From the home screen, tap Apps.
  • Tap Samsung Gear.
  • Tap Samsung Galaxy Apps.
  • Tap Essentials.
  • Search for Spotify and tap the download icon.
  • Tap Accept and download.

The Samsung Gear s3 classic and Frontier editions will come in LTE or Wi-Fi enabled versions at an undetermined date at an unknown price.

But if Samsung follows the Gear s2’s road-map, the gear s3 will cost about $299.

The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in 38mm or 42mm sizes, just like the original Apple watch. Along with a special Nike + version, they will start at $369, while the existing Apple Watch will get a processor upgrade and a price drop to $269.

You can pre order series 1 and 2 now ahead of a Sept. 16 launch date. Apple Watch Nike + will arrive next month.

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