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iOS 10.3 : The Best New Feature Coming Soon

Apple has out the first ios public beta of its latest iOS update iOS 10.3 Developer Beta 1, also giving us a hint of the new features coming to its iPhones, iPads and iPods. This updates of iOS 10.3 to testers across the world and it should get an official launch in the coming months. Now Apple is improving its operating system even further with this latest release.  

The Apple Company is planning at least one more iOS 10 targets upgrade for 2017 and iOS 10.3 update for select iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models is currently in beta in advance of a release sometime later this year.

In this version of iOS 10.3 notably reported that “Theater mode” feature is absent.

According to several Apple rumor, the company was set to release a new screen mode that would dull the colors on the screen for better low-light viewing.

How to try the iOS 10.3 Update in Advance

In advance of the official release date, if you want to try iOS 10.3 update on your device you can do that to the iOS 10.3 beta.

Note: The Beta Software Program and iOS 10.3 beta both are available to anyone with a working Apple ID.

If you really want to try the iOS 10.3 update before its official release you’ll want to be take care. Untimely software might be cause problems on your device. That’s why we recommend doing some pre-planning before you install iOS 10.3 beta.

When and if you get the iOS 10.3 beta on your device, make sure you report issue to Apple so company engineers can improve the software in advance of its official release.

Here are some features coming out with iOS 10.3 beta update. See here which are latest features coming soon.

iOS 10.3 Update and iOS 10.3 Features: What’s New in iOS 10.3

  • Apple ID Profile

At the top of the Settings menu there’s a new profile section with all your account information.

Just click on your profile to access your iCloud, App Store and Family Sharing information in one place and then scroll down to see a list of all the Apple devices linked to these accounts.


For access iCloud, App Store, and Family Sharing information; still you’ll need to log in to the Find my iPhone app on your phone or web browser, but it will also save you from having to dig through the settings to access each account.

  • Weather in Maps

In iOS 10.3 it is an attractive feature for those who are a fan of Apple’s proprietary Maps app, you will now have a hint of the weather wherever you go. The latest update of iOS adds a small weather bug to the bottom-right corner of the screen showing the current weather conditions in that area.

For a seven-day crash of the weather just 3D Touch the Weather bug or continue holding to open the weather app in a new screen.

  • Find my AirPods

This feature of iOS 10.3 will save your time and money, if you’ve splurged on a pair of AirPods. If you’ve not, just read ahead.

For Find AirPods you’ll need to sign in to your Find my iPhone app and you should now see the AirPods as one of the devices connected with your account. Just click to see the last known location of the ‘Pods when they were paired with your phone or ping them to make them ring. Just ensure you’re not wearing them if you want to keep your hearing intact.

ios 10.3, ios public beta, theater mode, ios 10 beta download, ios 10 update download , ios 10.3 features, ios 10.3 beta, ios 10 developer beta 3

Yet, Apple has not revealed the official release date for iOS 10.3, which means these features are still subject to change. And the final version of iOS 10.3 update may be still end up including the “theater mode” or any other features apple wants to unveil before WWDC in June.

  • iCloud storage breakdown

This feature of iOS 10.3 especially useful for extra storage on Apple’s iCloud, if you pay extra storage on Apple’s iCloud. Now you can see exactly how you’re using your iCloud storage by clicking on the iCloud option in this new profile section. At the top of this section tap the graph to figure out exactly what the storage hogs are. This gives you a device and program-specific crash detailing how many gigs of storage are being used by each.

On your account if you haven’t activated the two-factor authentication, in the main settings page, right below your profile you’ll notice a new “suggestion” section. Apple may use this space to give you other suggestions to improve your device’s performance.

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