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Android Pay on Android Wear 2.0: How to pay for stuff with your Android Wear Smartwatch

So, basically we explain here, How to set up Android Pay on Android Wear 2.0. While Google launch Android Wear 2.0, Google also added support for its mobile payment platform Android Pay. The only setback with the feature right away is the number of Android Wear watches with NFC support is, well, restricted.

So, recently only the LG Watch Sport works with Android Pay. While Android Wear 2.0 continues to roll out and more firms release NFC-equipped watches, which means other Smartwatches may soon supports Android Pay app soon.

Those banks list that work with Android Pay. See here Google’s Bank List for Android Pay.

Note: Fargo and Citi cards will work with Android Pay on your phone, but not on Android Wear.

It’s an odd exception, but expectantly one that gets worked out soon.

Finally, even if Google implicit that Android Pay would work when paired to an iPhone, still somewhat it’s not available. For now, in any case, you’ll need an Android phone.

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How to setup Android Pay on Android Wear 2.0

First you’ll need to download and install Android Pay app on your smartphone and your Android Wear watch.

android pay, android pay app, android wear smartwatch, how to setup android pay on android wear 2.0, android pay android wear,

Download Android Pay App from Google Play Store: Android Pay

Already if you have a debit or credit card added to Android Pay on a smartphone, you can go directly to adding a card on the android wear watch.

What to do still if you haven’t set up Android Pay?

So, if you haven’t set up Android Pay, first launch the app on your Android phone, tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the display. Then next, scan your credit or debit card, enter your address, accept your bank’s terms and conditions, then at last follow the prompts to verify your card.

If you want to add a card to your Android wear Watch follow the below steps:

  • Open the Android Pay app on the watch.
  • Swipe up on the screen, and Click on Add card.
  • Your Android Wear watch will open the Android Pay app on your phone, where you’ll need to follow the same steps when you originally added a card, save for the scanning part.

Once your card is verified for the watch version of Androids Pay. You’re ready to start making payments.

android pay, android pay app, android wear smartwatch, how to setup android pay on android wear 2.0, android pay android wear,

How to make a payment using Android Pay on Android Wear 2.0


You can easily pay using your Android Wear Watch. On the LG Watch Sport, you press the bottom button to launch Android Pay from the watch face. If you have more than one card, select the bottom button, then hold the screen to the payment terminal. A few seconds later, after your Android Wear Watch and the POS system exchange info, at last the Payment will be processed.

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