Android games of 2017, Android games

Android Games Of 2017

The Google Play Store is full of Android Games of 2017, but not all are worth downloading. We have rounded up some of the best Android games of 2017 for your phone and Tablet. When deciding what Android games of 2017 is best for you. Our list of best Android games from the Google Play Store in 2017.

From the first 2D games released in the early 2000s to the VR games of 2017, Android games platform have come a long way from their humble beginning in 2007. The Google PlayStore today acts as a repository that hosts tens of thousands of games.

However, this large selection of games can often end up suitable a pain for many users who find it extremely difficult to sift through and find the perfect game for the day.

Tomb Raider

Android games of 2017

Not essentially a new title, this Tomb Raider game is a port of the one released on PC and consoles years ago. A full port of the original Tomb Raider reboot, it comes with the complete story and missions.

The game sees Lara Croft exploring the in-game world and combating off enemies as she embarks on a journey to uncover mysteries.

But there’s a catch. The game is only available for NVIDIA Shield Android TV users, and if you’re not one of them, then there’s no news on when your wait will end.

Lumino City

Android games of 2017

The much-awaited game which was first released on iOS, and finally made its way to the Android platform in May 2017, puts you in the shoes of young character Lumi who must liberate her grandfather after he was effectively abducted from his home while she was busy making tea downstairs. Lumi uses clues left behind by her grandfather in this puzzle adventure.

The plot of the game is dark, with many twists and turns, however, it’s not anywhere close to being the main draw of this game.

Lumino City’s beautiful world is not the result of brilliant CGI work, but in its place a product of original thinking by its British Developers State of Play who constructed an entire miniature mountain-top city made out of cardboard for the game.

The game is truly original in its approach and builds a captivating world that users can plunge themselves in. It has won several awards and as such comes highly suggested.

Super Mario Run

Android games of 2017, Android games

For decades, Mario has remained shy of crossing over from the Nintendo ecosystem, and games featuring the Italian plumber hero have only been found on enthusiastic Nintendo gaming systems.

Conversely, with the growing popularity of Mario games, and subsequent calls for titles on other mobile devices, Nintendo earlier in April finally released a game tailored exclusively for the mobile platforms.

The much-awaited Super Mario Run from the franchise has been conventional well by users and critics alike. Game review websites such as IGN and pocket lint have given it above 80 per cent score, making it highly recommended.

Injustice 2

Android games of 2017, Android games

The follow-up to the extremely praised game, inequality: Gods Amongst Us brings more of the same in its latest offering.

Inequality 2, a game crafted from the mould of the popular Mortal fighting games was released along with its beefier console and PC versions on May 17.

The game is a must-have for all DC Comics faithfuls who’ve grown up with the various heroes and villains of the Comic book giant’s lineup.

Its superior graphics, in-game procedure backed by a riveting backstory that piggybacks to the various DC characters found in the game, make it one of the best games available on the Android platform currently.

Unfairness 2 comes with 28 characters, with every fighter bringing to the game unique playstyle, abilities, moves, and super moves, and comes optional for gamers looking for a combating game to keep them busy for days to come.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode 1

Android games of 2017, Android games

Another interesting addition to the list is the “Guardians of the Galaxy” from Telltale Games. The game features a unique story which deviates slightly from Marvel’s cinematic universe. Telltale Games is releasing it in the form of episodes – much like the latest Hitman game.

The game uses Telltale’s story-driven narrative style and has received favourable reviews for its engaging plot and immersive graphics. However, the first episode is a bit short, and the game leaves you craving for more.

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