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No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

Are you Looking to Secure Your Android? Download Demanding No Root Firewall Apps

In this Article, I will talk about the top No Root Firewall Apps which help to secure your Android. No Root Firewall allows you to create filter rules based on IP address, host name or domain name. You can allow or deny only specific connections of an app. No Root Firewall protects your personal information from being sent to the internet. No Root Firewall notifies you when an app is trying to access the internet. All you need to do is just press Allow or Deny button.

No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

We all know about the basic windows firewall installed on PC’s, however, today, in this article, we will focus on top Demanding No Root Firewall Apps that controls both input, output and access, from, to or by an application or service, which is definitely a must need to protect your data and personal details.

No Root Firewall

No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

No Root Firewall is one of the most famous firewall apps and helps you control the internet access for the apps on your Android. Most of the apps installed these days require data connection, and usually we do not get to know who is sending or receiving the data from your device.

Hence No Root Firewall keeps a check on the data access for all the apps on your device. As it is a No Root Firewall app, it does not require rooting your Android, but it creates a VPN which diverts all the traffic on your mobile. In this way, you are free to choose what to allow and what to refuse and stop.


  • Doesn’t require you to root your phone.
  • Allows you to set up filters, both globally and for individual apps.
  • Specifies if app can access internet only on wifi, or 3G or on both
  • Gives control to download only on wifi or some app on 3G.
  • Great in blocking data
  • Good for limiting background data.
  • Its free


  • Currently does not support 4G.
  • May not work on LTE as does not support IPv6.
  • Some may not like the apps control over all data transfers.
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up.

Download: No Root Firewall

 No Root Data Firewall

No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

No Root Data Firewall is another excellent mobile and Wi-Fi data firewall app which does not require rooting in your Android device. It is based on VPN interface and helps you control the internet access permission for each and every app on both mobile and Wi-Fi network.

Like No Root firewall, it supports blocking background data. It gives you reports to make you analyze the accessed websites for every app installed on your Android device.


  • You can record, analyze and sort the data usage by each app.
  • It shows the history of data by even hour, day and month in a chart.
  • It gives notification when a particular app has a new net connection.
  • It has night mode feature.
  • It startups automatically.
  • You can set up temporary permission for an app for 1 hour also.
  • The mobile network only mode disables firewall in wifi network automatically
  • Needs permission to read, write sd card for backup and restore, hence completely safe.
  • Its free


  • No Root Data Firewall does not have image mode.
  • Some users have experienced issues with SMS app being blocked by the firewall.
  • No Root Firewall Requires Android 4.0 and up.

Download: No Root Data Firewall

 LostNet No Root Firewall

No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

LostNet No Root Firewall app is a simple and effective application which can stop all your unwanted communications. LostNet No Root Firewall app lets you control the internet access for all the apps based on even country/region and just like the other apps block all background activities of the apps on your Android. LostNet No Root Firewall app helps you to monitor the data sent by your apps and also track if any personal data is sent out.


  • Know if any app is chatting or communicating at your back and which countries do the apps send your data to.
  • Stop all communications at one go by internet access block on selected apps.
  • Block background activities of any app.
  • Capture packets – called sniffer sent to and from your device through the sniffer tool.
  • Get report if your personal data has been sent out.
  • Monitor the amount of internet data is consumed by your apps.
  • Instant notification if a blocked app tries to connect to the internet.
  • Block ads network and remove traffic to networks.
  • Create multiple profiles with multiple settings and rules for easy switch.
  • Block activities and save the mobile battery life.


  • Need to buy the Pro pack worth $0.99 for additional features. Only basic is free.
  • Supports Android 4.0 and up.
  • Disconnection problems reported by some users at times.

Download: LostNet No Root Firewall


No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

NetGuard is a simple to use No root firewall app, which provides simple and advanced methods of blocking unnecessary internet access to the apps installed on your phone. It also has a basic and pro application.

Its supports tethering and multiple devices, hence you can control other devices too with the same app and also helps you in recording the internet usage for each app.


  • Supported for IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP.
  • Control multiple devices.
  • Log outgoing traffic, search and filter attempts by any installed app.
  • Allows blocks individually per application.
  • Displays network speed through graph.
  • Five different themes to choose from for both versions.
  • NetGuard allows you to configure directly from new application notification.
  • It is 100% open source.


  • Additional features are not free.
  • Rating of 4.2 compared to others which have better rating.
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up.
  • Requires app reopen on some Android versions when RAM is cleared.

Download: NetGuard


No Root Firewall, root firewall, Android, firewall no root, noroot firewall

DroidWall is the last No root firewall app on our list today. It is an old app which was last updated in  2011, and similar to the others it blocks your Android device apps from themselves accessing internet.

It is a front-end application for the powerful iptables Linux firewall. It is a great solution for people who do not have unlimited internet plan or maybe just want to save their phone battery.


  • Advanced users can manually define custom iptables rules.
  • It added application icon to the list of choice.
  • Enabled hardware acceleration on Android>=3.0.
  • It is the only app in the list to support Android versions of 1.5 and up.
  • Blocks the ads and also the revenue stream of the app developer.
  • Privacy and security of DroidWall is comparable to desktop PC firewalls.


  • Requires buying pro version even for basic features which are available in other apps.
  • Need disabling firewall before uninstalling the same to avoid rebooting the device to turn off the firewall.

 Download: DroidWall

 So these were the top five firewall apps for No Root Firewall Android devices. Hope this helps you in choosing the best for yourself.


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