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imessage for android , Android

Imessage for Android

Here I will explain about imessage for android. Whatsapp is one example of famous messaging application. But it could not replace the imessage for android a messaging application exclusively for iOS devices. There are people who don’t move onto an Android phone just because imessage for android doesn’t exist. All the Android fans hoping that imessage for android will come out soon.

If the only people you talk to are on your mobile family plan, you probably don’t have to worry about Imessage for Android compatibility. Your group either uses iOS or Android, and that’s the end of it. Then there is the rest of the world, divided by proprietary software and occasionally missing messages they wish they’d seen.

Imessage for Android is Apple’s instant messaging services, allowing users to send texts, documents, photos, contacts, and group messages over Wi-Fi when SMS/MMS messages aren’t available. It’s incredibly handy—unless you use an Android device.

There is no official way to get Imessage for Android at the moment, so you’ll need to get experimental if you want to have them.

How to Get imessage for Android

imessage for android , Android

All the Android fans hoping that imessage for android will come out soon, are out of luck. The Apple executives made sure of it at the worldwide developers conference.

However, iMessage For Android may be a possibility in the future, just like, Apple had launched an Apple music application which was available on both the Play Store and the App Store. We’ll just have to wait and let time decide whether messages on Android could be directed through iMessage.

Now, what if we say there is an app which can help you receive iMessage For Android device and that too without waiting for any Apple update!

How To Receive and Send imessage for Android

imessage for android , Android

PieMessage is an application that lets you access your iMessage data from your iOS device. It lets you even send and receive messages. This is the first time there’s a quick way for accessing iMessages for Android device. This device is a prototype. PieMessage uses your Mac as a server to send and receive iMessage to and from your Android device.

The logic is simple, at first; you receive the iMessage onto your Mac. And then those messages are sent to the Android device using the internet and vice-versa. PieMessage helps you to interact (respond) to the texts that you receive just like a remote message carrier.

For it to work you’ll need to switch on your Mac and keep it running. This means no Mac, No Pie Message. Again, this application is still in the prototype phase so, you’ll have multiple limitations. And you can feel free to edit these too.

imessage for android , Android

Note: Before installing the PieMessage make sure that you have the following requirements, an OSX device, Public IP for OSX device, iCloud account with an enabled iMessage, Java JDK and an Android device (Android 4.0 or higher).


The PieMessage is a prototype and it is not there on the Google Play Store. So you’ll have to separately download the APK file. You’ll also need some coding background and technical knowledge.

imessage for android , Android


Add your iCloud account in the Messages>Preferences>Accounts in the Messages Application

imessage for android , Android


You’ll have to add a copy of the PieMessage project to your OSX device.

imessage for android , Android


In the PieOSXClient/src/ you’ll need to edit the socketAdress to your public IP address.

After doing this you can proceed in two different ways (i) Via Terminal (ii) Via GUI



cdPieMessage/ &&cpmessages.applescript ~


In one terminal window/screen: cd PieMessage/JavaWebServer&&gradle run. This will need to remain open.


In another window/screen: cd PieMessage/PieOSXClient&& grade run. This will need to remain open.


In a final window/screen: cd PieMessage/PieMessage-Android && grade installDebug. This is simply to compile and load the application.

(ii)    VIA GUI


Move messages.applescript to your ~ home directory (/Users/).


Open the JavaWebServer/ as a project in IntelliJ. Run the Server class.


(I)           Open the PieOSXClient/ as a project in IntelliJ.

(II)          Run PieOSXClient class.

(III)         Open PieMessage-Android/ as a project in Android Studio.

(IV)        Compile apk to any Android device

So there were the steps we would need to take in order to start using the Piemessaging app. Please note that missing anyone of the above would not yield the desired result.

This feature is still a prototype and lacks many features from the original iMessage. The developers have actually put in a lot of effort in making it as possible. But if so far doesn’t give you the magic effect that of the iMessage for Android.

You can text through your iMessage account alright but it’s not possible to receive group messages. Well, you can send Photos/Videos but you could do the same using other messaging applications.

Currently, with the present version, I wouldn’t suggest you use this. In the future, it could be a huge attraction, but as far as now it’s just another prototype.

So iMessage for Android is still something that isn’t perfect, but still, we can say that iMessage for Android is a possibility. However we would rather stick to a normal message on Android devices, which is much simpler to set up and much more fun to use.


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