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Adbfire: How to Download, Install, Configure and simplifies Abdfire for Amazon Fire TV

AdbFire is a developed application for new windows that modifies XBMC on Amazon Fire TV in a simpler way. If you are Amazon Fire TV or Firestick client then the ADBFire application is the best choice to simplifies Amazon FireTV sideload or send XBMC files into it. You can install the application on the Amazon FireTV or Firestick with the capacity to send files to specific XBMC registries and in this article, we will talk about how to download, introduce, arrange and simplifies ADBFire for Amazon Fire TV and Firestick clients.

How to send & sideload XBMC files to Amazon Fire TV

ADBFire Simplifies XBMC files so as to sideload and send it to Amazon fire TV if you need to begin adbFire then follow the steps cautiously which are very basic and straightforward.

Step #1. Open the FireTV and duplicate the FireTV IP.

Step #2. Now paste the FireTV IP into the Device.

Step #3. Then click on the “Continue” button on the device.

Step #4. Now your device is associated at the bottom right side of the screen if it doesn’t demonstrate that you entered an inappropriate Amazon Fire TV IP.

Step #5. After effectively associate you can check the “ADB running” into the device by the sign showed at the bottom right side of the screen.

Step#6. Once in a while, it doesn’t create the impression that you need to tap on the “Start” button accessible under the “ADB”.

So now, you prepare everything from the ADB segment and appreciate the Fire TV network with the device.

Best features of Adbfire for Amazon Fire TV:

With the above steps, you are now able to sideload any apps you wanted with just one click on “Install” button and you can browse to the apk file.

  • You can even remove the app from it by pressing the “UNINSTALL” button
  • You can put the “user data” into Fire with the “Push” button.
  • It provides the modifying & adding directory advanced topic features with XBMC modification.

(Fire TV’s > sdcard > android > information > org.xbmc.xbmc > files > .xbmc > userdata > registry)

  • You can upload files to your registry with “Keymaps” button

(sdcard > android > information > org.xbmc.xbmc > files > .xbmc > userdata > keymaps registry)

  • You can likewise redo keyboard.xml files which allow the XBMC to play consummately from outsider remote.
  • You can likewise upload files with the assistance of the “Media” button, this is another cool element.

(> sdcard > android > information > org.xbmc.xbmc > files > .xbmc > userdata > media catalog)

  • You can even change the XBMC stacking default screen with the custom “splash.png” document by upload it into the framework.


Step #1: Now you need to find Fire TV’s IP Address: The primary concern that you need to do is find your Fire TV’s framework IP address. You may suggest our organized post on finding Fire TV’s IP address. (Settings/Device/about/Network) Copy Fire TV IP address.

Step #2: This will empower you to relate adbLink to Fire TV and make modifications or sideload applications on Amazon Fire TV.

TO Turn on ADB Debugging: Settings/Device/Developer Options/turn on.

Step #3: Download and Install adbLink

At the point when your Fire TV/Stick is set-up, download adbLink for your stage. In this guide, I am using adbLink on Windows.

  • Download the adbLink installer record and run it.
  • adbLink will be separated into an area of your choice with the adbLink.exe document in it.

How to Download ADBFire For Android

Now you can introduce adbfire on Android telephone from the official google play store connection given in the depiction.

Step#1. Open the Play Store App from the Android device.

Step#2. Type “Apps2Fire” in the search bar.

Step#3. You will get the application page open and snap on the “Introduce” button.

Step#4. It will consequently introduce the application to your Android device.

Step#5. After establishment you will see the Apps2Fire symbol into your Android application room of device, tap on it and appreciate ADBFire from Android device.

At the point when you open the ADBFire application, it will ask the IP that is your LAN IP. For that, you need to go to Google and type “MY IP” and you will get the IP that you paste into the application given field.


  • It moves the application from an Android device to Fire TV.
  • This application gives the dispatch application includes on Fire TV
  • Presently you can download any applications from Fire TV into Android Phone.
  • With the availability of Fire TV and Android telephone, it is workable for a client to uninstall an application from Fire TV
  • Presently different organization files like MP4, jpg or .apk can be uploaded to Fire TV through SD Card
  • Fire TV files can rename
  • Fire TV screen can be shot from this application
  • This application gives the device scanner
  • Fire TV control like Restart or Pause conceivable from Android App


  • Updated: March 4, 2019
  • Size: 9.3M
  • Current Version: 3.1.9
  • Requires Android: 4.1 or above

Hope you like the article. If you have any feedback or problem, please let us know in the comment.

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