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5 Ways to Simplify Your Business

Running a business can get complicated. There are a lot of dates to remember and bills to pay. Bank runs and day=to=day business errands can get overwhelming. You may have employees that help you with these tasks, but their time is also valuable and taking time away from their day may cost you more money in the end. The good news is there are applications and ways to simplify your business.

1. Banking

Over the years, banking has changed a lot. Back in the day, you’d have to go to the bank to perform tasks like ordering and depositing checks. These days, you can do a lot of your check deposits through your mobile banking applications right from your smartphone or tablet. Checks can get expensive, especially when you have to pay your employees by check. Look into check printing outsourcing for an easier way to print checks in the office.

2. Asset Tracking

Businesses can lose money if they don’t keep track of their assets. Assets can be anything from computer towers and monitors to small USB storage devices. Big or small these devices cost money to replace. It is less costly to keep track of your assets than replacing them. Small office items like headsets in a call center must be tracked using an asset tracking system. These systems help you keep track of your on-hand inventory as well as serial numbers of devices.

3. Accounting Software

Accounting software is important to have to keep track of your profit and loss. Nowadays accounting software can help you manage your day to day banking, prepare your tax forms and even create receipts with your logo in the header. These applications can be managed from your mobile devices so that even if you’re on the road you’ll always have access to your data. If you’re worried about switching to new software and losing your information, you’ll find that most updated software can transfer your information from your spreadsheets and even from your banking applications right to the new application so your historical records can be kept in the same place as your updated records.

4. Social Media Management Applications

Everyone knows the best way to get free advertising is to keep your business trending on the most popular social media outlets. But if you’re busy and don’t have the funds to hire a social media manager how can you stay trending? By using applications like Hootsuite you can schedule posts days in advance across multiple platforms. Let’s say you want your new hot ticket item to stay trending you can login to your dashboard and set the same post to repost multiple times during the peak hours of the day to drive more traffic to your website or business page.

5. Cloud Storage

Let’s face it. Having information stored in one place in your office is not only inconvenient it can be costly. Your information can get lost, damaged or stolen. Hard drive backups are great but they too can get lost, stolen and damaged. So what do you do? Invest in cloud storage. Cloud storage is safe, secure, and can be accessed from just about anywhere. Having your information on-hand is great for when you go on business trips and have limited storage on your laptop or you’re demonstrating a presentation and have to use the meeting room computer.

Simplify your business by adding applications and software to your company’s resources. Once you’ve gotten the hang of your applications your business will be running faster than ever and you’ll have more time to focus on your work and with your family and friends.

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