5 Ways Tech Can Help You Pursue Your Dream Career


Chasing your dream career isn’t easy.

But then nothing worthwhile ever is.

And there’s no time like the present to start  ̶  sure, the current employment climate is tough in most places and there’s a risk in moving on from something secure but unsatisfying to stretch yourself in order to grab something much more worthwhile.

But you owe it to yourself to try, and the great news is that there are many ways that technology can help you find a job you love.

With that in mind, here are five ways tech can help you pursue your dream career.

  1. Social media

If you want to use the power of social media to fuel your job hunt, then there’s one platform that’s head and shoulders above the rest: LinkedIn. In simple terms, it’s the world’s biggest networking community and you can look up practically any company and its hiring managers. So join, polish your profile, publish useful content and start getting to know your next employers  ̶  simple.

  • Crowdfunding

When you want to pursue a career as a creative (whether that’s as a novelist, cartoonist, poet, illustrator, clothes designer or anything else), it can be tough supporting yourself until you get your breakthrough. However, creative crowdfunding platforms like Patreon allow you to earn an income by attracting paying patrons  ̶  offer your fans sneak peaks and special deals to keep them sweet!

  • Online degrees

Thanks to the internet and cleverly curated virtual learning environments, you can now get a foot in the door to a wide range of careers by studying for an online degree when it fits around your current job and family commitments. Many niche courses are available  ̶  for instance with ARU Distance Learning you can even take an online BSc Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care.

  • Remote internships

Now that it feels like the whole world has moved online, it probably won’t be a surprise that it’s also possible to complete a remote internship from the comfort of your own home. If you want to boost your CV with a placement from the likes of Amazon or PWC, check out remoteinternships.com and see what’s on offer.

  • Video CVs

For some employers, receiving a video resume where they can gauge an applicant’s personality and cultural fit as well as their qualifications and work experience is preferable to a plain paper or digital document. If you polish your presentation skills a little, it might just help you differentiate yourself the next time you apply for a desirable job. If this sounds good, Wondershare Filmora has collated the best video resume makers

Thank goodness for tech  ̶  as you can see, it can be your best friend when you need innovative ways to work towards the dream career that you so thoroughly deserve.

Good luck on your vocational quest!


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