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5 top Beauty brands on Instagram

Instagram definitely is a number one social media application. Which means highest number of people are using Instagram. On Instagram we all know their are numerous business accounts. Staying on the topic we will talk about beauty brands which have spread all over the Instagram. There are more beauty brand profiles than any other business profiles. You will het benefits where you will find more audience and this is the reason why beauty brands have chosen the platform of Instagram.

Every brand out there is striving hard to stay in the business because due to Instagram girls have known so much about makeup they actually did not know before. Brand mostly buy Instagram followers specially gender base targeted. There are 5 famous beauty brands on Instagram which have set their place in top 5 because of their own different style.


Glossier is on the top of every list whenever we talk about makeup. Though Glossier did not use more high note expensive strategies to pull their followers. Glossier is the brand which make friendship with their audience.  Glossier feed is as light and bright as their most loveable highlighter. The brand is so friendly that you want to meet them and hug them for being so humble. This is the reason it is on number one.

Mac cosmetic:

Mac is the brand everyone looks for having those dark eyeshades and highly pigmented lip colours one may die for. Mac feed is so full of colours and experiments it will make you try the stuff once. The reason why Mac is on number 2 is because Mac always stay in contact with the professional artists and people will blindly buy the product what their favourite makeup artist is using. Moreover, Mac commonly use their hashtags like #Maccommunity #Macartists which help more people reach them.


The drug store beauty brand which everyone out there love because of two reasons. First it has a wide range of colours in their products and secondly they are relatively cheep than most of the beauty brands out there. NYX kept their place in Instagram by letting people use the hashtag of #nyxcosmetic whenever they create a look to get featured on their page.

Urban decay:

When we talk about urban decay the first image come in our mind are those nude pallets which people still love to use. Urban decay is a brand which shows people how to use their products like a pro. The tutorial videos help people a lot more about how many possible ways are there to use their products. This is the reason it is on number 4 in the list of top 5 beauty brands on Instagram.

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

The owner her own self is a beauty icon in the beauty world of Instagram. Anastasia is a brand, which always pop up an image of well defined eyebrow arches. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brand which set the trend of defining eyebrows. The perfectly pigmented eyeshades and their most loveable highlighter which blew the mind of beauty market with its highly pigmented formula. This brand has definitely so many reasons to be on top 5 but for Instagram it allow people themselves to create tutorial and allow people not to follow someone else but let them reveal their own creativity.

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