5 Common Corporate Security Solutions

Corporate security is a must-have in today’s cyber centric world. Security threats are a daily occurrence for most small to large businesses and setting up security solutions that can keep a business protected is needed. To show the scope of how bad things have gotten, according to one study, 95% of breached records came from only three industries in 2016, including government, retail, and technology. Every 39 seconds there is a hacker attack that affects one in three Americans every year.

Businesses have taken the brunt of almost half of these attacks, suffering 43% of cyber-attacks. The financial costs of such attacks are staggering. The global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across SMBs (server message blocks) and is even worse for public companies. A data breach at these types of companies, on average, costs at least $116 million. And even in these difficult COVID-19 times that we are living in, such breaches show no sign of abating. Since the onset of this pandemic, the FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrime.

Large portions of budgets of businesses should be set aside to deal with this ever-growing issue. It seems as if a lot of people are understanding the importance of taking necessary steps to keep their businesses safe. By 2021 it’s believed that approximately $6 trillion is going to be spent globally in 2021 on cybersecurity measures. Check out a few suggestions for 5 common corporate security solutions.

1. Identify security needs & risks.

You’ll want to first see what risks need to be taken care of. There are a variety of cybersecurity solutions that can help a business to stay safe. The first step is to take is to pinpoint what the threat is. For example, a cybersecurity threat is coming from within your company. There’s an employee whose breaching your system in the hopes of giving insider information to a business rival. Utilizing a system like nvr security system to keep video surveillance on potential problematic employees, can help with corporate security.

2. Keep your security systems updated.

Though it sometimes seems like a hassle to keep your computer system constantly updated, there’s a reason why it’s essential to do this. Having your computer stay in line with whatever system updates are coming, helps to keep your CPU system functioning well. This is also true for your business’s security systems.

Such software updates can fix a security problem that you’re dealing with. It’s best to stay on top of security updates as they come through. When you allow your programs to install updates automatically you won’t have to worry about personal maintenance so often.

3. Keep physical items safe.

When you build a business, electronic devices are often connected to whatever computer systems are being used. No longer is your business just relegated to when you decided to purchase IP addresses for your new startup. Your business is now intertwined with a variety of operating systems, which contain all of the sensitive information about your company.

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets which your company utilizes will all have a connection to this information. It’s best to have these items securely stored away when they aren’t being used by your employees. If they are taken, a user will possibly have access to all of the sensitive information for your company.

4. Back-up your information.

Oftentimes, computers shut down, and information can be lost. In circumstances like these, it’s best to have a backup. Whether you’re constantly saving a document on your hard drive, or saving items on an external drive, it helps to have some form of back-up. In the case of the worse happening (your computer system completely dying), being able to get the latest version of your work is crucial.

5. Begin with the basics.

Set up strong passwords, and make it a recurring act to update passwords. Set the companies’ computers up with protective and preventative programs like encryption technology, anti-virus, spam, and spyware. Following these basic steps will help to keep your corporate institution safe and secure.

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