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4 Platforms Your Call Center Software Should Integrate With

You want to have the best call center software. But wouldn’t your virtual call center perform even better if your dialing software integrated with other platforms you might want to use? Before you spring for a particular cloud call center solution, make sure it integrates with one of these platforms:


Zendesk is one of the best customer service software programs out there. It makes it easy for you to connect with your customers, keep track of any requests for support, monitor your agents, and get everyone’s questions answered quickly.

Zendesk is also widely known for being easy to set up, which is great if you want to minimize the learning curve and get your call center up and running fast. Plus, the software plans are scalable: you can go up or down with it as your business needs dictate.

A Zendesk call center should have omnichannel dialing software that integrates and complements the power of Zendesk. Customers expect you to be able to communicate with them in whatever way is most convenient for them, and they expect that communication to be smooth and helpful.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft is a big player in the business world, and they offer intelligent applications that adapt to the needs of the 21st century business. This platform offers you rich, data-driven insights that you can customize to meet your needs. Even better, it gives you recommendations based on those insights.

Microsoft Dynamics lets you connect your back office and supply chain to your sales team and agents. The AI that Microsoft uses provides analytics and helpful guidance. Not only does Microsoft look at your numbers and stats, but it looks at customers via social media and helps you plan out your strategy to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics already gives you some amazing tools to personalise the customer experience. With the right call center software, you can take that data and the recommendations that come with it and speed everything up, providing a personalized and data-driven customer experience in the process.


Salesforce is one of the oldest CRM solutions out there. They pioneered the cloud computing service for businesses and are still one of the best choices. In fact, Salesforce is used by Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Credentials don’t get better than that in the digital world.

Salesforce lets users develop their own custom software and then distribute it as it fits their needs. But instead of having to keep up with infrastructure or software upgrades on your own, Salesforce does that for you.

If you want to make great custom software, it only stands to reason you’d want the best data possible to build on. Good call center software will smoothly automate customer experience and build on Salesforce data to position your agents to make the most of each call.


Oracle is a popular IT vendor that supports many corporate IT departments. It’s part intelligence and analytics and part transaction processing. Since Oracle has been around a while, it offers quite a few add-ons and special features.

With Oracle, it’s easy to scale while being assured of the best security and analytics in the business. Some of the add-ons include performance tuning, online analytics, workload management, and database lifecycle management.

Look for software that seamlessly integrates with Oracle, so you can be sure that the insights you’re getting are being used to decide what to say to customers and what information to present to your agents on calls.

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