15 Best Pedometer Apps For Walking And Running

Pedometer Apps: If you have a Smartphone, you know that you can do so much with your handheld device, correct? If you want to get fit and healthy, there are a lot of good apps that will help you check your health, track your activities and record your food or calories eating. If you want to be more active and if you want to more walk or run, there are so many effective pedometer apps that will motivate you to take extra steps a day.  We put with the best pedometer app for step counter just for you.

See below Pedometer Apps for step counter:


Argus: This is a combo pack of health and fitness app. This app is works for both iPhone and Android. It is ready with a calories counter, activity tracker and pedometer for weight loss making it just perfect for your healthy lifestyle.


This app was developed by both users Android and iOS users get active and feel awesome. It will help you make healthy habits and lose weight. Using this app to make your health journey easier and fun, this app allows you to invite your family and friends in your weight loss and fitness goal.


This app makes every step counter, with this app; you can walk at your own speed, plan, track and share your fitness journey. MapMyWalk maps your route, track your activity and log your food.


If you remind something your fitness goal to someone than Breeze app is your smart companion. This app highlights your daily routines and keeps you aware of your activities. It helps you make better selections, form new habits and become more active.


This Moves app is your perfect activity diary. It automatically records your activities whether you are walking, cycling, or running, no need to start and stop the app. As well, it informs you of the distance and duration you covered, the number of steps you make and calories you burned.


If you want to need a daily someone for walking, this app is perfect. It checks the steps you make and display it on the home screen of your phone to keep you aware of how far or near you are to your goal. This app is reliable and accurate it counts regardless of where you placed it, in your pocket, waist belt or bag.


This app is for your ideal health and fitness app. In that you don’t need to require any set up. Just download the app, take your smartphone and start walking. Runtastic Pedometer will track your daily activity and help you improve your generally health and fitness.


This app is developed for only iPhone (5S, 6 and above) users. It follows your daily steps by using Apple Core Motion technology without draining your battery and allows you to compare your steps and goals with other users to inspire you even more.

Steps Pedometer & Step Counter Activity Tracker

This app has a pedometer and activity tracker that monitors the number of steps you make. It allows you know how much you are moving in a simple and graceful way. Steps are a great app to track your activities and inform you if you are living a inactive or active lifestyle. Use this to be more active, set a goal and keep moving.


This app is designed to help you walk 10,000 steps a day and live a healthy life. This is a life-changing fitness app that counts your step automatically and gives you a detailed statistics of your hourly step, distance traveled, calories burned and floors climbed.

Pedometer for M7 – Steps

This app shows you the number of steps you make for a day, week and month. It has several tabs that you can simply swipe left and right to view your number of steps on the other days. It also comes with tabs at the bottom that allows you to switch to a graph view that shows your activity in a month and a list view that lets you scroll through a list of dates.

Walker M7

This app tracks your number of steps and it is smart enough to distinguish between walking and running. It also tracks your routes and records your weight, blood pressure, body fat and estimated calories burned.


This track workout app will keep up with you when you go for a run, walk or any activity that you really love. It helps you set goals, encourage you to follow a plan, keep you motivated and lets you see your progress. This app delivers a clear view of your training in real time.

Endomondo – Running & Walking

This app is the personal trainer in your pocket. It is free, it makes fitness fun and it helps you stay motivated. Endomondo tracks your workout using GPS, check your stats and helps you reach your fitness goal by motivating you to be active.

Noom Walk Pedometer

This is a simple and straightforward walking app that calculates every step you make. It counts your step exactly and only uses very little resources making it a great tool for your fitness goal because it won’t consume your battery easily. To keep you even more motivated, Noom Walk Pedometer lets you to integrate your social life with your fitness rule. You can encourage your friends to move more and inspire yourself too.

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