Now, Google Search allows people book a cab with Ola and Uber in India

Now, Google Search allows people book a cab with Ola and Uber in India

On Wednesday, Google announced now People can book Ola or Uber cabs directly from Google Search using their smartphone in India

The Company said in a blog post, Users can find directions and choose from a menu of ride service options straight from Google Search app or through the mobile search browser.  When you are heading out to any destination, be it going to work or meeting a friend for dinner, you can easily compare your choice to find the fastest way there, without having to open multiple apps.

On Google search request for specific searches such as “Uber to Bangalore airport” or “Ola to Bangalore airport”, directly user can select a service through the app or browser and just a one click it will automatically opens the app to book the ride.

Before this year, this feature was made available on Google Maps.

Programme Manager of Google, Sanket Gupta Said,” Choosing the best transit option can be a task at times, our aim is to help users simplify their everyday travel. With this, users will be able to order, explore and make quick comparisons about the best estimated taxi fare directly from Google Search results on their mobile.”

Google says this service has worked with only Ola and Uber to make this option available. The feature demonstrate how both the companies are more and more trying to make it easier for people to get a cab.

See, how it’s working?

  • On Google Search First, ask for direction to a place.
  • Now, you can see a tab for ride services such as Ola and Uber with charge estimates and pick up times if a car is available near you.
  • Choice is yours! For your ride either you can choose Ola or Uber

If the app is not installed on the device Google search will show a link to install the app.

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