Microsoft to Announce New All-In-One Surface PC in October

Microsoft to Announce New All-In-One Surface PC in October

A new report has some more rumors about Microsoft to be working on a new all-in-one (AIO) Surface PC that will be launched at an event in New York City in End of October. As a part of Microsoft hardware press event the product could be officially exposed at October.

Earlier of this month, this rumors was spread about the Microsoft is developing a new Surface all-in-one (AIO) PC.

According to Windows Central reports “A Surface for your living room may soon be a reality. Our new report confirms that a Surface AIO device is currently being developed by Microsoft. The device is evidently targeting a “modern and elegant” design and is meant to be something similar to a premium appliance or furniture.” on Jul 1, 2016.

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ZDNet’s of Mary Jo Foley said that Microsoft will hold a fall hardware launch in 26th October where a new Surface-branded device is expected to announce.

Microsoft has scheduled for a fall refresh of some of its more popular devices, as well as newer faster, processors. That suggests Microsoft may upgrade a device like the Surface Pro 4 with a Kaby Lake chip, but brand new devices like the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 are not expected to get their big reveals until Spring 2017.

The reports also said that the device will be able to turn a user’s desk into a studio. The new device is currently called as the “Cardinal”

The upcoming device of Microsoft is that it may possibly come in three different sizes (21-inches, 24-inches and 27-inches). The Microsoft’s Surface Cardinal may possibly be a user-friendly iteration of Microsoft’s Surface Hub, the interactive touchscreen-only Windows 10 PC that’s recently available to businesses.

The event might be also show off a number of third party windows 10 devices from various OEMs. For Microsoft Surface won’t be any hardware updates for the Surface 3 or Microsoft Band 2 this year.

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