Google Play Store adds a Trending section with hot content

Google Play Store adds a Trending section with hot content

The Google Play store continues surfacing ,but it isn’t often that we see considerable changes or improvements.Today the play store get a brand new feature many of you will possibly enjoy – a ‘Trending section’.

This area is under the entertainment tab , which is the one that reads “movies , music and Books ”.It is located right under the New Movie Releases.The word “Trending”is big and bold ,so you won’t be missing it.

As you can expect said section showcases hot topics regarding musicians,movies and more . One of the current featured trending topics is Bruno mars , for example .Tap on it to display a page full of news , videos , links to other content ,an author description and more.


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It will definitely help keep users up- to –date on the latest entertainment trends , and it is a simple addition that won’t really get in the way of those who might not be prone to use it.

What we can say is we are seeing changes in the design department here.These Treading pages look sleek and very dynamic , making us hope these aesthetic changes will also come to the other areas of the Google Play Store.

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