Apple’s Beats X wireless earphones delayed until February 2017

Apple’s Beats X wireless earphones delayed until February 2017

When Apple announced it was killing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, it discovered a handful of wireless options to keep the music going.

In addition to those Airpods that just went on sale today, the company’s Beats line pulled the wraps off three headphone models that featured the same W1 quick pairing chip as Apple’s delayed Wireless option.

Today, Apple also updated the Beats x product page to note that the set of wireless in ear headphones won’t ship until February.

 The other two Beats models that Apple announced back in September, the on-ear Solo3 and workout-focused PowerBeats3, are already available for $300 and $200 respectively.

Beats X is the third member of the trio and was originally supposed to ship back in the fall. Right now, there’s no word on exactly what’s causing the delay.

When the headphones do arrive next year, they’ll be available in either black and white charge via an included Lighting cable.

The delay of AirPods is believed to be one possible reason for pushing back Beats x. Though it’s only a guess, its possible Apple wasn’t able to secure enough w1 wireless chips to meet the demand for AirPods and Beats x this year.

Both the AirPods and Beats x sport Apple’s W1 chip, which, and as a power manager to help improve battery life.

It’s now December The iPhone 7 was released three months ago. Apple has since failed to ship two of those wireless products on time.

On his most recent episode of The Talk Show, John Gruber surmised that Apple might not have removed the iPhone 7’s headphones jack if it could’ve foreseen these delays with the products introduced alongside it.

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